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  1. I'm due to visit soon and I've not kept up with any changes since leaving Sheff a long while back. I understand there have been confusing changes over the years?


    From Meadowhead  I used to get either the 25, 53 or 75 which all used to be frequent enough in the daytime, and went towards London Rd and town?


    Also, the ticket names and prices are of course, totally different.


    What Buses run by that way now, and can I just buy return tickets?

  2. Hi guys.


    I have a few videos and gifs on my Samsung S5 phone SD card (I still haven't got around to an upgrade).


    I try to add a gif to the FB comments section but it merely adds them as a jpg, as if they're ''frozen''?  And trying the same with my videos from the FB comments section just doesn't even find them at all?


    Yet on my laptop, I can both find, upload and add both types of file as normal?  I don't want their selection of crappy gifs, but my own.


    I update my phone and also the FB app? Is this their security policy?

  3. It's not a white space being clicked on, nor malware that can be found by updated Malwarebytes, Superantispyware, etc. I have run those many times.


    I can search as usual (Google.com with secure padlock) several times on one page at once, but then the odd click (trying to right-click a new tab open) does this??? A new tab with a search-related ad in the new tab?

  4. I open Google for a search as usual and, once the results are loaded, I try to click on one I want. Except that the  cursor doesn't click on the link despite hovering over it.


    So I click in an empty space to the side and a new advert tab opens (??)- relating to my topic, yes, but NOT what I searched for exactly. This can happen several times during one search/read session. This has been happening for about 2/3wks now.


    Surely the page should load search results (as before) and the cursor click immediately upon your desired link/s when YOU want?


    Are Google being sneaky and installing creepy topic-related pop-ups?

  5. I don't know if anyone remembers a character from at least 15-20yrs ago called Thermos O'Flask (dressed like a flask and always paid for prostitutes)?


    I have searched for a while and even emailed Viz themselves, who replied, but stating that he was only in issues dating from 2016??


    I remember laughing about this character long before then, so must be about 2002-3?


  6. Hi, I have a Samsung S5 (still) and have wanted to arrange all of my folders by putting some similar ones into a parent folder, as sub folders (ie. York and Florida holiday folders within 'Holidays' parent folder)? Saves space on the screen.


    This can be done easily on Windows desktop/laptops, but android seems to be another matter?


    I tried a few on Google Play but they're buggy with ads or crash?

  7. I was wanting to back up my reliable 2tb External Hard drive (not to use, purely as saved back ups) and was wondering if the more cost effective brands were reliable?


    On Amazon for about £30 are brands like Hilabee, Gazechimp, Perfk and Shiwaki? Are these likely to deteriorate due to their cost, or are they surprisingly good?

  8. I keep my laptop clean often and haven't downloaded or clicked on anything suspicious, nor added new programs etc, yet one morning last week I switched my laptop on, only to encounter a very slow 1mbs speed (I'm in Bournemouth)?


    I'm not the account holder, so can't contact Sky. I also have tried switching the router and laptop itself off/on, deleting old programs as well as running Malwarebytes and Superantispyware.


    Someone did say that Sky is playing up here right now, and the websites seem to suggest nationwide anger at Sky's service, but I'm out of options tech-wise at the moment?

  9. On 08/08/2019 at 23:05, Jim Hardie said:

    One week is seven days, not four. If I wanted to leave on a Friday (which was always the case) I put my notice in on the preceding Friday.

    Yes I know, it was the exact day that I was questioning. In some jobs, colleagues handed their notice in on Monday and left Friday- accepted by management.

    On 14/08/2019 at 12:51, Tomm06 said:

    Check your contract it will give you your notice period in there - on average it's usually around 4 weeks but that's not always the case so it's best to check


    I recently had a case where my period was 3 months which I felt was a little unnecessary but I had signed the contract. You can always try and negotiate with your employer if you want to reduce or extend it for any reason - the least they can say is no just ensure any agreement is emailed/written. The company I worked for basically didn't want to know so I handed in my notice requesting a shorter period which kicked things off for negotiation and I managed to sort something out with them


    If you leave early without notice/permission the company can pursue you for loss of earning and breach of contract since what you signed is legally binding - apparently it's very rare for a company to do this unless you have really screwed them over, are very high up or they really dislike what you've done but obviously this isn't recommended



    Yes my contract said a week- I Googled for the week and most stated that it starts the next day after you hand your notice in.

  10. Hi


    Whenever I have worked for someone less than two years, I have always given the notice of one week. So if that day is a Monday (with no weekends), I worked my last day on the following Friday?


    But someone assures me that if you hand in the notice of 1 week on a Monday, your last day is the following Monday?


    If this is so, why haven't past employers mentioned this?

  11. On 13/02/2019 at 11:53, Akiem said:


    Several years later I see this thread whilst research Gordon’s story for my son.  


    So, Harry Nornable was my Grandfather, his wife Edith Ward my Grandmother.  They had 2 children, one my mother and Jane the QA nurse and senior matron at the Hallamshire.     Jane has no children and sadly passed away a few years ago.   They did all indeed live in Bromwhich Road, 13 and 14.  I’m not sure if Gordon lived on the same road.   Gordon was my grandfathers cousin.


    Gordon moved  to his father’s home on Little Norton Lane, to care for him in his old age and remained there until he passed away.   Gordon was never married and did not have any children.  Both he and my Grandpa regularly went to the Abbey.  


    Gordon was mad keen on Cricket, the whole family were!


     Marcien, Gordon spoke of your father and his visits to you.  


    Gordon was indeed a hero of WW2 - highly decorated and many stories told.  Especially to other military members of the family!  



    Nornable is certainly an an unusual surname.  In fact Gordon traces it all the way back to 1066, when our ancestors arrived here with William the concurer.  The name was then ‘De Normanville’ , it has evolved over the years into Nornable.  


    Hope that clears up a Few questions. X


    Thanks, Akiem, RIP to a lovely gent. A pleasure to have met him.

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