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  1. Ta Jazzy, but they didn't have any. I've now tried everywhere in Sheffeel... and resorted to costly t'internet next day delivery. Decathlon I curse you!!!
  2. Where else sells Viper Bars (made by Maxi Muscle) other than Decathlon (who have sold out!!!) I need one as a matter of urgency. Have tried online but I don't want a whole box for some rip off price and the only bargainous websites can't deliver before the weekend. Which is too damn late! Somebody help me pleeeeeeease! P.S. Its a pre-sport energy bar that agrees with me.
  3. Oh no! Whaddabout Jungle Juice on a Wednesday?! Ditto about great vibe, staff, music and drinks.
  4. I've eaten there before - do you mean the dumplings?
  5. The Walnut Club's menu sounds scrummy! Is the food as nice as I imagine it to be?
  6. I had a wicked night at Concussion... I didn't notice that it was quiet as I was happily dancing all night! The first few dnb/jungle nights I ever went to in Sheffield were at Orchis midweek so it brought back good memories.
  7. Can anyone name the seven hills of Sheffield? So far I've got Spital Hill, Snig Hill, BoleHill, Park Hill... Hillsborough, Sheffield Lane Top... however I think my sources are somewhat skewwie. Has anyone got the correct answer please?
  8. Yes, edit the PDF so that it opens on whatever page you require as the default settings will always open the PDF on the first page.
  9. Does anyone know of a cheap place to get a banner made? I assume Office World etc will be pricey...
  10. How do you reply to all in MS OE without including yourself in the reply? I'm fed up of having to delete my name from the to list!
  11. ...and what about China Cafe further down the road? Thats been shut for weeks. Theres no phone number on the sign and nobody seems to know whats happening! Anyone know if its gonna re-open?
  12. Fiona Long at Feline is an award winning tattoo artist and has featured in loads of body art magazines.
  13. Does anyone know what's happened to China Cafe on London Road? (not Tin Po) It's had the shutters down for weeks...
  14. Fairpoint, I went mid-week. I had a Persian minty yoghurty drink that would be ace to drink in the heat. Starters varied from tiny to enough for me as a main but were all equally tasty. I had a spicy lamb dish for my main and was too full for a pud... but the waiter kindly gave me a taster of one - it was like a Turkish pastry. Thought it was reasonably priced and will be venturing back to have a toot!
  15. Thanks all, but they still won't delete! Obviously I closed Photoshop - and the files are on a networked drive on XP. There no hidden temp files anywhere - not even if i try and view the folders on my mac. I can't save a notepad file as the file because my file is 'in use'. I can't see the networks if i re-boot into safe mode. and I don't even own a lipstick.
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