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  1. Just seen a young female firefighter who was at Notre Dame on the night of the fire.
  2. Amazingly €700,000,000 has been raised in 24 hours to rebuild it.
  3. It sounds like the EU will say no to a short extension. And any long extension doesn't look good for the EU as well if reports coming out of there are to be believed.
  4. Nice one. I think the EU were more likely to be referring to who ever takes over from TM as leader of the Conservatives.
  5. According to EU sources they aren't to keen on us taking part in the EU elections. The reason seems to be this year major deals like the budget and electing new officials need passing. And they think that the Uk could throw a spanner in the works or in their words throw a few bombs especially if a brexiteer becomes PM.
  6. Macron didn't want to give us a long extension last time but was persuaded to agree to a short one. And listening to the noises coming out of France he will veto any further extension. The EU have said that a no deal isn't wanted but they are fully ready and they are having daily meetings over the next week to finalise the details.
  7. Listening to the noises coming from France I think they will veto any extension. Apparently Macron didn't want an extension last time but was persuaded to give us a short one I don't think he will be persuaded this time.
  8. Listening to the BBC news earlier from Brussels a lot of EU politicians now think a no deal is looking more and more likely and they should know what their governments are thinking.
  9. The police take into account intelligence they receive and having leave cancelled isn't anecdotal.
  10. It doesn't matter what parliament votes for now the withdrawal deal still needs passing unless it's no deal or a second referendum. My wife who voted to remain was so furious after today's vote she said that's her done with politics calling those who voted against self serving pricks has another remainer I can't disagree with her this parliament is a disgrace. I've heard that civil unrest would happen if parliament failed to deliver brexit but dismissed it I'm not so sure now. My daughter who is a police officer and a lot of her colleagues also think it more than a possibility.
  11. I think you are right about a low turnout at any elections in the future. People are totally fed up with politicians. I just hope that the EU now say you've had your chance no more extensions just leave then we can deal with the consequences.
  12. I don't think there is the numbers.
  13. The deal negotiated between us and eu must be passed first before any other sort of deal can be negotiated eccept for a no deal or a second referendum according to Michel Barnier yesterday.
  14. Even if parliament comes up with a consensus they will still have to agree the deal on the table unless it's a no deal or a second referendum consensus.

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