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  1. He was on tv last night and didn’t look well at all.
  2. He liked a bit of speed. The eel was probably caught by his dad.
  3. My wife and I traveled to York from Sheffield by Northern Rail this week on a Pacer Train. Can’t fault the staff they were very helpful getting me on and off but these trains should have been scrapped years ago. At least they were on time but overcrowded from York.
  4. Making monkey noises and throwing bananas is racist. But how can this quote from a Shakespeare play be counted has racist ?
  5. Do me a favour in what way can this quote be considered racist ?
  6. My mum knew the landlord in the mid 60s can’t Remember his name. I remember going to the Raven on the way home from the Children’s Hospital on a few occasions.
  7. A family friend who served throughout the war and seen many terrible things said entering Bergen-Belsen was horrific and without doubt the worst memory He’d had from the war.
  8. My uncle John South worked for ESC. I remember him coming home after an accident at work he’d burnt the back of his neck.
  9. A few people have posted about a riot. The one I remember was after HH had lost to City Grammar school at the football ground facing Concord Sports Centre. It was reported in the Star some of the coaches that had brought the CGS team and supporters were attacked. I left HH in 1971 the last year you could leave at 15 so I imagine it was 70/71.
  10. If we were going to save a hour on a journey instead of fifteen minutes I’d say ok. The UK isn’t big enough to warrant a high speed rail line that will save only a small amount of time. The cost is now becoming ridiculous time to stop.
  11. I don’t like his politics but has a person I found him to be a honest likeable man. I think the majority of people who said they wouldn’t vote for him will have thought the same.
  12. I think hate is a little strong. Corbyn undoubtedly is a good orator and campaigner but has for being PM I personally don’t think he would have been up to the job. I’m far from your or his politics but I admire you for sticking by them and that’s what makes me proud of our democracy.
  13. Labours sudden shift further left after Corbyn was elected failed to carry its traditional voters with it. You and others of your socialist beliefs keep calling those who are more centrist has Tory lite. I’ve said before I believe the average voter stands on the middle ground of politics they don’t in the main pay much attention to the extremes being it left or right. You may not call your socialist beliefs extreme but in the main others do at this moment in time.
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