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  1. A merry Christmas and a happy new year to you all. 🥳🥳
  2. While working has a porter at the NGH I once farted in the lift it was horrible. When it stopped a nurse got in I blamed my mate saying he’s just dropped his guts love her face was a picture. He fancied her and asked me to go tell her it was me I didn’t of course.
  3. Not all who apply for disability benefits are refused. When I applied the venue they wanted me to go to wasn’t suitable I informed them and I was told that they would carry the the assessment at home. After I was assessed it was decided that I was unfit for work. So not all assessments are negative.
  4. The news program was to do with the lack of PA’s who can be employed by a person who needs care.
  5. Seeing and hearing this poor little boy on the news was terrible. A minimum 29 years and 21 doesn’t sound enough I actually thought she would have to serve 40.
  6. You could get 4 pints for a pound.
  7. 1974 I was 18 in the Corner Pin on Carlisle St it cost 231/2p. Tom
  8. With the government in trouble Labour should be have a double digit lead in the polls. This is why they are still unelectable.
  9. I’ve just been watching the Yorkshire racism row being discussed by MP’s. They keep on referring to south Asian players this is ridiculous to me. These young men are probably third or fourth generation they are British and should not be called south Asian.
  10. I was taken a few times in the 60s. I can remember having a ride on a elephant and a big cat peeing through the bars all over a man.
  11. If we have the right to see our elected representatives taken away because of this crime then we lose a fundamental part of democracy. The murder of this poor man was not only an attack on him and his family but one aimed at us all.
  12. Our first flat was on Page Hall Rd above a launderette.
  13. I think saying that the trust in the police is ridiculous. When Harold Shipman and Beverley Allit murdered their patients did we all stop trusting the NHS. This was a murderer who was a police officer. The vast majority of officers are hard trustworthy men and women who do a hard job protecting us.
  14. We drove down from the lakes earlier today and most stations had petrol but diesel wasn’t available in many of them.
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