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  1. I also voted to remain and I believe the result should be honoured.
  2. He has obeyed the law. He was obliged to send a letter asking for an extension which he has done. I doubt the law states he had to sign it and I also doubt that he was forbidden from sending a second one.
  3. John Mann was on tv earlier and 70% of his constituents voted to leave and it’s hardly changed so he won’t have any trouble with them.
  4. If you throw enough <removed> some of it sticks. This seems like you’re way of dealing with anyone who says a problem exists with anti-semitism.
  5. Isn’t it ironic that those who are saying let’s stay in the EU are now saying the deal negotiated between between the EU and UK is bad one. And yet they are happy to stay and support a group who have negotiated such a bad deal.😂
  6. If the UK parliament throws this agreement back I think the EU will say no matter what we do it will not be good enough for you and wave goodbye.
  7. Tell that to the Jews that it’s been blown out of proportion and any others who are discriminated against.
  8. Are you saying anti - semitism isn’t happening in the Labour Party ?
  9. I think one of the reasons people seem to ignore some warnings is because so called experts predicted massive economic trouble and job losses would happen straight after the referendum which turned out to be way of the mark.
  10. What I should have said is nobody knows what will happen after brexit in reality. All we can do is predict what we think will happen.
  11. At the end of the day no one really knows what’s going to happen. The French foreign minister said he’s worried that the UK will become an aggressive competitor and believes measures should be put in place to protect the EU. As I said in the beginning no one really knows what’s going to happen.
  12. I also saw the news about Nissan it’s ironic seeing Sunderland voted overwhelmingly to leave. But they also said that it’s now getting harder to sell petrol & diesel engined cars and this will make future sales more difficult.
  13. There was only 1 person who voted to join Spain the last time of asking so it will be a long time before the border ever becomes a problem.
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