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  1. hobinfoot


    They can't be compelled to resign their seats because it's them who were elected but I believe morally they should.
  2. hobinfoot


    I know we vote for the person named in elections but that person is usually aligned to a party and will normally follow the party line. I've always felt if a politician leaves a party they should stand in a By-Election even if it was their name on the ballot paper not the party itself.
  3. Just except that not everything that's done in business is related to brexit.
  4. If a company says its moving because of brexit I except their word. And the heads of Honda say that the reason for returning production to Japan was the poor sales in Europe and seeing their best markets are Japan China & USA and that electric cars are the future it makes financial sense.
  5. Honda stated that their sales in the U.K. & Europe have been been bad for years. They say that it therefore makes sense to switch manufacturing to Japan because sales there the US and China are good and easier to transport to.
  6. It's nothing to do with my standards. And it's quite clear that some companies have made their decisions because of brexit.
  7. Honda have said it's nothing to do with brexit. So take them at their word and except that some decisions companies do make have nothing to do with it.
  8. Honda have said that global problems were the reason for closing their Swindon plant and relocating back to Japan.
  9. And yet they keep on voting for them.
  10. Angela Smith is our MP and she is popular with voters. And this constituency is mainly middle of the road working class so I wouldn't count her out so quickly.
  11. Listening to the news earlier about Flybmi they reported that this Airline carried thousands of passengers but this was equated by the No of flights to just 18 per journey. Flybmi reported yesterday the blame on the cost of fuel and other running costs then as an afterthought oh yes and blame brexit to.This company seems to have been badly run and would have failed with or without brexit.
  12. hobinfoot

    IS schoolgirl wants to return

    No one made her go and live in this murderous groups so called Caliphate. She shows no remorse in fact the complete opposite. I don't believe she was some naive little girl. Before she left hours of ISIS propaganda were watched by her. There is no place for her and kind in civilised society. She chose to live in hell let her live in it.
  13. hobinfoot

    IS schoolgirl wants to return

    I don't give a flying <removed> about her or the predicament she's in. I was working at 15 and was more than capable of understanding my actions she was to.
  14. I agree with you about no one wins. But I think it's not unreasonable for us to trade without tariffs if we do it will reduce the damage.

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