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  1. Tactical voting would get us what ?
  2. Why does a person’s political view make them scum? My views are center right and I’m friends with quite a few people who are of the left and I would never call them scum. We have different views and have argued passionately over the years but have never fallen out about it. t
  3. Both my children have no problems with interacting with people who are black neither do I. Has for slavery it is horrible but throughout history it’s always happened. Asking for reparations and removing statues is stupid it’s history and can’t be changed.
  4. I was brought up in Pitsmoor in the 60s & 70s and a strong mainly West Indian community grew in the area. When asked about their origin the older ones usually mentioned the island they came from. If I was asked about someone and the person asking the question didn’t know them I would reply he or she was a black kid I play with. I can’t remember calling any of my friends coloured because it was frowned upon. If they were asked about me they would say I was a white kid they played with nowadays people seem to be afraid to use the words black usually calling them an ethnic minority
  5. I remember two police officers talking on TV about encountering the ghost of a monk while patrolling the Stocksbridge bypass.
  6. What the hell is going on with the NHS ? They have removed the word woman from advice about womb and ovarian cancer. It’s time to stop pandering to the woke minority.
  7. What the hell is going on with the NHS ? They have removed the word woman from advice about womb and ovarian cancer. We’ve got to stop pandering to the woke minority.
  8. I know someone who saw Borris arrive for a meeting looking smart when he came out to address the crowd his hair was disheveled.
  9. Ditchingham St Pitsmoor. It was a great place to grow up.
  10. they didn’t have air conditioning on the old geriatric wing.
  11. While working as a porter for the NGH I was delivering meals on the geriatric wing. I went to the wrong floor which was unused I saw what looked like smoke and went to investigate when on arriving it felt like I’d walked into a freezer someone told me later it had happened to him some years earlier.
  12. The Met police have said they have conclude its investigations into party gate and no further action will be taken.
  13. Most politicians who have come after her and those who came before are political Pygmy’s in contrast to her.
  14. The politicians who have followed her and most before and are political Pygmy’s in contrast.
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