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  1. Parliament have rightly voted on the withdrawal agreement. What I’m saying is parliament voted 3 times against this. But it’s those who were against the deal saying we shouldn’t leave without one. They can’t have it both ways the EU has constantly said the deal negotiated is the only one on the table. It’s no use those who voted against it now saying we must have one now. They had their chance and blew it.
  2. The blame now lays with parliaments failing to vote for the deal negotiated between the EU & UK. I didn’t like everything in the withdrawal agreement but in negotiations you don’t get everything you want but it sticks in my craw when I listen to those who said no to a deal now calling for one before it’s to late.
  3. Parliament had the chance 3 times to vote for a deal they didn’t take it now they are scrambling about trying to stop no deal brexit. Parliament has no one to blame but themselves if we do leave on the 31st without one.
  4. This is why the police need supporting. They put themselves in harm’s way on our behalf. People who criticise them are the first to call when they need help. This officer gave his life while serving us. RIP Andrew Harper.
  5. There isn’t going to be renegotiations they have made that clear. And who the UK chooses to govern them should be free from European interference.
  6. We are not talking about what we had before the referendum. We are talking about the deal negotiated between the EU and UK which they have said was a good one. Our parliament rejected this three times. Our parliament has thrown this back in their faces and now can’t really complain about a no deal outcome. The EU are fed up and if we do ask for a extension I can see them saying you’ve had your chance but no thanks let’s get on with it now.
  7. Personally I don’t think the EU will grant us a further extension. Why would they the UK could and would have taken a no deal scenario of the table by voting for the deal which was negotiated but rejected three times by parliament. The EU have said time and time again they believe it is a good one and the only one on the table.
  8. What’s the point in having a caretaker government to stop a no deal brexit if the EU won’t talk about any deal except the one already negotiated and a parliament who have rejected the said deal on three occasions.
  9. The EU say that they won’t negotiate a new deal. The UK parliament has said the deal negotiated with the EU is dead. Parliament say a no deal outcome has to be stopped. So if the EU will not negotiate a new deal and the UK parliament wants to rule out a no deal how do we get passed the deadlock?
  10. The Greeks may have cook the books but the EU has some top banks and economists advising them. I’m sure they knew what the real state or near enough of the Greek economy cooked books and all still they chose to turn a blind eye for some reason.
  11. You have to be joking. The Greeks were punished or given a good kicking the choice of words is the same. The EU knew the Greeks were not in a position to join the Euro but fudged the figures so they could be admitted then when it went belly up they imposed stringent terms on them if they wanted to remain. I’m pretty sure the Greek people thought they had been kicked by the EU.
  12. The EU gave the Greeks a good kicking and I’m sure they’re one of their own.
  13. If the EU has to do border checks on the republics side then let them. But it’s like a stuck record putting the blame of a potential hard border on the UK.
  14. The UK has said it doesn’t want checks on the border. So the problem is with the EU insisting on border checks. Drop the backstop and the problem goes away. I agree the Irish do stick up for themselves and they will let the Republics government know their feelings.
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