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  1. I don’t think it would arbitrarily at all. If you are found guilty by irrefutable DNA evidence or caught in the act of killing then you will be sentenced to death if not you will be given life .
  2. I’m not in favor of a mandatory death penalty. But I’ve no problem with executing people who have killed others and whose guilt like Pitchfork is beyond doubt including DNA evidence or being caught in the act.
  3. I’m not a socialist but admired Corbyn he is a conviction politician. After seeing and listening to Starmer I can’t work out what he stands for.
  4. Reality or revenge? I think it’s the latter.
  5. I worked as a porter at the NGH. The hospital radio was located in a small room near the front hall on the Vickers corridor which was used has the post room back then.
  6. When I saw him leaving hospital I thought he looked shocking and wouldn’t live much longer this is a sad day.
  7. I had my second AZ jab yesterday and never gave a second thought about doing so.
  8. Aberfan I was 10 and even though I can remember other news stories this was the first that resonated with me.
  9. The thugs who rioted came with one objective and that was to harm the police pure and simple. Any of them who are found guilty should get long sentences.
  10. What a mess the EU has made of it’s roll out in vacations against COVID-19. Now Ursula von der Leyen is threatening other Nations to cover their mistakes up.
  11. I had my jab at home on Sunday. I’ve had a couple of reactions felt a bit hot on Sunday and my arm is hurting apart from this I’m fine.
  12. I agree with you about the sooner the better about the availability. The EU were slow in ordering vaccines and the consequences of this is a problem. The Spanish medical authorities say a 2 week delay in vaccination will now take place. Parts of France is now struggling as well.
  13. I’ve been lucky enough to travel widely and like America we seem to produce obese people in large numbers. Europe don’t seem far behind. We also have a sizable ethnic population who are it appears more susceptible to the virus. And while most people are obeying measures to combat the spread we still have a sizable number who are not.
  14. Personally I don’t think that we will ever rejoin the EU.
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