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  1. It’s about time people started taking responsibility for their actions. If the communities that are affected haven’t adequately followed lockdown practices then the blame lies squarely with them. Are we a nation of children who blame everything on others ?
  2. I said at the beginning of this discussion that I wondered if people would March for the victims?
  3. That wouldn’t be Labour by any chance?
  4. I don’t know if you are familiar with Fir Vale and Page hall ? They are so close together you walk from one to the other in a few yards. So if there is a high number in one it’s going to be the same in the other.
  5. It doesn’t help either by the number of people Who regularly mass together.
  6. I’ve watched the news mention that people are queuing to view his body why ? He was no angel.But saying that he didn’t deserve to have someone kneel on his neck. He was sentenced to 5 years for his part in a home invasion where he pointed a gun at a pregnant woman. He doesn’t deserve to be laid in state.
  7. I’m glad the PM closed down the inane questions about Cummings today I was getting tired with the reporter’s asking the same one time after time. It made my day seeing the look on Laura Kuenssbergs face when he went straight to Robert Peston After her question.
  8. After he was questioned by one MP about how the government has dealt with covid-19 he replied the brutal truth is we didn’t learn from the SARS outbreak. That’s not telling lies is it ?
  9. No one has said you have to download the app.
  10. Can’t help agreeing with you. The media have become a joke in the way they ask their questions. My wife who very very rarely swears while watching yesterday’s briefing listened to reporter after reporter asking the same question shouted are these all tw*ts.
  11. Personally I’d have no problem with that.
  12. Dominic Cummings didn’t travel 260 miles for a jolly. What he and his family did do was to move to an empty house where they could be supported if both adults become ill which did happen and a 4 year old would Then need help. He is fortunate to have a separate house to move to. Anyone if they are honest would have Done the same if possible. Not for a babysitter!!!
  13. A friend saw Boris turn up for a gathering of supporters. She saw him getting out of his car looking well kept but when he got on stage Boris was disheveled.
  14. I thought it was clear enough. Stage 1 people who can’t work from home should return if safe to do so. Try to avoid public transport. Stage 2 will only come into effect if stage 1 has shown no increase In Covid cases maybe shops can open. And a staggered return to school. Same with stage 3.
  15. I’m looking for 3 nursing students who worked at the NGH in the late 70s. Julie Brown June Eaton (not sure of spelling) Sue Butterfield. Sue was from Doncaster.
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