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  1. I don’t think there is to much bias on the forums bearing in mind we live in Sheffield that has traditionally been to the left.
  2. People seem to be going off subject. Anna B asked a simple question should taxes be raised to pay for social care I personally would have no problem with this
  3. The west could have stayed indefinitely but decided the time was right to leave.
  4. You’ve got to laugh. The Taliban are now claiming victory they must be delusional.
  5. The Afghan forces have lost between 50 & 100 thousand men fighting the Taliban you don’t get those sort of losses if you run at the drop of a hat. I’ve heard from ex soldiers who served in Afghanistan about how well the Afghan forces fought alongside them.
  6. Looking at the weapons the Taliban use most are AK47s. These are the most widely available rifles in the world. Has to who is supplying them it’s not one country Iran who are mainly Shia and the Taliban Sunni who would not usually be seen together. But as the saying goes My enemies enemy is my friend but It wouldn’t surprise me if most of the weapons come from Pakistan.
  7. I have said it before that most voters are found in the middle ground of politics. The far left or right will only attract small amounts of them Blair and the Tories have occupied the middle therefore form governments.
  8. We has a nation have got to try and get back to some sort of normality. I’m not a well educated man but I can understand why the government has decided that summer is the best time to lift restrictions any later than this kids will be back at school and autumn and winter will be upon us making it impossible.
  9. If only the opposition wasn’t a waste of space.
  10. I don’t think it would arbitrarily at all. If you are found guilty by irrefutable DNA evidence or caught in the act of killing then you will be sentenced to death if not you will be given life .
  11. I’m not in favor of a mandatory death penalty. But I’ve no problem with executing people who have killed others and whose guilt like Pitchfork is beyond doubt including DNA evidence or being caught in the act.
  12. I’m not a socialist but admired Corbyn he is a conviction politician. After seeing and listening to Starmer I can’t work out what he stands for.
  13. Reality or revenge? I think it’s the latter.
  14. I worked as a porter at the NGH. The hospital radio was located in a small room near the front hall on the Vickers corridor which was used has the post room back then.
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