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  1. I thought we'd had a democratic vote in 2016. I voted to remain and has a person who excepted the result even though it was not the one I wanted. This is what democracy is.
  2. It was you who stated that Iran hasn't bombed anyone recently.
  3. Tell that to the Syrians who have died due to the actions of Iran.
  4. Unlike the sane and rational leaders that Iran has.
  5. I personally don't have a problem with Fox hunting but to throw these cubs into the hounds was cruel and disgusting. And the sentence was far to lenient even if the defendants have lost their jobs and houses they should have received a custodial sentence for this barbaric act.
  6. He showed me blocks of wood with nails hammered through them to stop horses he trod on one then got hit with a baton so they did go tooled up for a fight. Both sides got and received a battering that day.
  7. A friend of mine who was a miner got injured at Orgreave he never complained about what happened to him. He said they were ready for a fight and the police obliged.
  8. I voted to remain and do not believe any apology is needed. We had a democratic vote and in a democracy the side that loses even if it's close like the referendum still lost. A choice was made and should be respected.
  9. At least you've answered the question. I don't agree with you but unlike another contributor who replies with insults or a patronising sigh you replied with a reasonable one.
  10. Just names. So I will go back to my original question. How can the president of a foreign country dismantle our NHS ?
  11. I asked the question for someone to try and answer. But people like you can't or won't provide one you just resort to insults.
  12. I'd love to know how the president of a foreign country could dismantle our NHS.
  13. The majority of people don't give a fig if he's here or not. They have better things to do with their lives.
  14. Being able to play out on the street and not be to worried about the traffic. I was brought up in the 60s on a street that had about 100 houses with only 4 or 5 cars most others were the same.
  15. A lot of Labour members will need to be kicked out then.
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