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  1. Hi, can anybody help please, I live with my elderly father in a four bed council property and i am his carer. he gets the higher rate of disability allowance and his weekly pension, and also gets housing benefit. i claim carers allowance and income support. my girlfriend claims housing benefit for the private rented property she currently lives in, plus income support for her and the two small children. if she moved in, as the council say its ok, would my dads money or my benefits be affected and would the amount of housing benefit change altough she doesnt have to pay any rent in the property she is in at the moment, many thanks, ps, i would be grateful if there are any known links or telephone numbers . thanks again.
  2. Walsall causing no problems for our makeshift bk 4 at moment.
  3. Hi, could anybody help me please. My girlfriend has a car and takes my dad to hospital appointments, doctors, shopping etc and to see his family. He recieves the higher rate of disability living allowance, so would my girlfriend be able to apply for the free tax disc as she is the one who takes him wherever he needs to go. would this affect his money and where or who do we apply to to claim this, and any info or links we could go to to get the advice we need, many thanks
  4. Wednesday are a bad footballing team,would not pay t watch that football every week,how we lost that match i will never know,rubbish team...
  5. with the heart 2.1 utd,be a draw 1.1 i go for evans first goalscorer
  6. If we beat the wednesday a sunday,its all over for second place..
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