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  1. Hi Mick. I remember you you worked in planning didn't you ? also can remember your son working there didn't he work on transport ? i can't think of his name though. I worked on flat wire before transferring over to galvo in no1 factory
  2. Yes they were good times and I think you're right it was a tanner
  3. I live at high green I'm a bit older than you I was telling bob batty about you last week and he said you were about 5yrs younger than us I remember all those places you said.. I went to Athelstan then to brook school.i played footie on the rec I played for handsworth social on there. Played for norfolk then onto turf . I used to live behind the plaza on the Bramley estate
  4. Not heard about turf but in our village there was 12 pubs now only 6 left
  5. I'm graham elson bob batty mate I remember you . How's your meal getting on?
  6. Hi alba,I can't remember Elsie but we had some good nites in norfolk turf old crown new crown x keys .give me a clue who you are please
  7. Yes it was a long time ago .Didn't you live down near triangle estate ?
  8. No I I didn't help up there but I was up there a few times cus both played for different teams one played with brunsmere for a few games then moved onto young owls ,junior blades and millers the other one played for chapeltown juniors so I was up there a bit really
  9. Hi Steve ,I knew your first name but couldn't remember your surname think its Taylor. Yes we had some good laughs back then.yes remember them now.things are fine for me how's you hope you're keeping well.
  10. Yes I remember Albert swallow nice man,and yes all the names have come back to me now, I was a big mate of graham Wharton Andy fearn .im graham elson .can you remember Malcolm verity he was the manager and the other guy was a helped start them up was a guy called ted I can't think of his surname. Also a lad called tats
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