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  1. I went to Burton Street school for a week in 1961, when my brother was born. I stayed with my grandparents, my grandad was caretaker there. His name was George Brown.
  2. I remember Heeley Baths. We used to go there every Monday morning from Lowfields School. If we hurried getting dressed we could walk the long way back and call and have a sarasparilla!!
  3. Canon Hall and Canon Hall Farm near Barnsley is a good day out. You can have a guide with you who exlpains about the animals and lets the children handle some of them, there is also a safe adventure playground within the farm area. Big grassy field near the hall itself and a river that you can walk round. A good trip!
  4. I used to work with a woman called Margaret Hurley. She lived at Chapeltown but I don't know where she is now. She did have a daughter called Jane who went to Brantwood Girls School.
  5. A girl I went to King Ecgbert School with went to Pye Bank. She left in 1964and her namew is Barbara Smith if anyone remembers her.
  6. Bob a job week stopped 1. to stop kids from going o strangers houses 2. to stop them being exloited e.g. decorating a room for someone and then being given 5p (bob) for doing it! Yes it did happen!
  7. The scout association do actually celebrate St. George's Day every year, but this is obviously not enough. I asked my local landlady (on St.Patricks day) if they were going to celebrate St. George's day - she didn't even know when it was!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  8. Glad to hear that Ringo is home. Keep going with the foot Ringo!
  9. Hello, I too have been wondering lately how things are going on. Keep us up to date.
  10. Don't remember either of those two. What year did you leave? I left in 1971.
  11. Does anyone remember Mr. White, the spitting French teacher?
  12. I used to love cod liver oil and malt. I also remember Aztec bars (they were brought out for the 1968 Olympic games in Mexico) they were yummy!
  13. I'm not from Hackenthorpe but my Aunt and Uncle were. There name was Herod. My Aunt was a piano teacher and the lived on Cotleigh Crescent. \my cousin Lynne went to Carter Lodge School - in the 60's I suppose that would have been. My great grandmother lived on Rainbow Forge. Anyone remember them?
  14. Hi Mikey, Wasn't that Chinese restaurant called Lin Hong's (the one at Highfield) we used to go there when I was a child usually at Whitsuntide after going to Meersbrook Park!
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