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  1. Would that be Technicut, Specialist cutting tools including Carbide ? Lidster Paragon, if I recall make drill bits mainly or did at the time. I worked for Hydra-Clarkson, doing the same stuff years ago. Regards.
  2. I used to live on longley hall Road a few years ago, it was pretty decent then. Holgate Close i think is Parson Cross area?
  3. Brown Bear in city centre. Also still selling real beers and lagers and very cheap too.
  4. A little off topic,but anyone interested in the Daledike flood should try this link http://www.mick-armitage.staff.shef.ac.uk/sheffield/book/contents.html Comprehensive and fascinating insight of what really happened.
  5. Dam Flask village was washed away by the Dyke Dale flood disaster. It was never rebuilt due to upcoming plans to construct the Dam Flask reservoir, so I guess there is nothing under there.
  6. Maybe this Wikipedia link might answer your question (second paragraph) https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Damflask_Reservoir
  7. New to the thread, but can anyone remember Irene and Jim Major who used to run the shop opposite No 41 Walkley street ? Lived at that address until 1969 and the memory is still in my mind.
  8. Anybody on this thread ever heard of Crash for Cash ?
  9. I remember the earlier days of the Internet. At the time broadband was not even thought of. The best you could hope for was a landline connection that had a speed of 56k (theoretical) maximum (hardware dependent), true speeds were obviously much less ! My earlier days of internet connection used to cost me £11 pounds per week (unlimited)., but having said that, there was nothing worse than downloading something overnight, only to find the landline had dropped my connection, and you were left with a download that wasn't to be. So so unreliable !
  10. Nice story, shame about the ending. Maybe the child said " Daddy could that old banger in front be driving on false plates ? After all I know that the registration 8 GR is going for over £51 grand and GR 81 is worth much more" Daddy says "Child, the man has a personal plate and must be above us, so don't be rude and impertinent ! Child says "get stuffed the mans a liar" !!!!! Woman says " maybe the child has a valid point ". Talk about Jackanory, Heh.
  11. Try sticking to Genetics. P.s. must assume you are suitable breeding material, or you wouldn't be complaining.
  12. Keep track fella ! Procreation is hard-wired, nothing will change that. Unless you can.
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