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  1. Ahh thank you Bertyboop, that's so lovely of you. My niece is going to house sit for us next time, so it's all good, but your offer is so very much appreciated. And to echo Teeny's words, I know I was just really unlucky as I can't imagine any normal person who loves animals ever doing this. I just picked the one person in 1000. Please don't let my story put anyone off, but do your checks thoroughly and pick someone who is very well established. That's where I fell down.
  2. Hi all, thanks for your replies. I'm less emotional now and more logical about it all. We had our locks changed which took away my main concern of her coming back and stealing from us. My main concern since then has been any other animals she's agreed to look after, as well as the fact that she has dogs herself. I really do wonder if she is fit to look after animals at all. And don't get me started on the fact that she has a child as well. She blocked me from seeing her personal account on Facebook, and she seems to have closed the business Facebook account down. I'll share the details privately with those who have asked - still looking at involving solicitors at this point to try and retrieve the money for the locks, so don't want to do anything that may stop that. Teeny - she showed me an insurance certificate, although I must admit I didn't scrutinise it. I know the road she lives on, although not the number. I met with her twice and was really impressed with how professional she seemed. And from stalking her FB page (on my husband's account as she's blocked me), I know an awful lot about her partner and life. Her references were from people whose dogs she looks after regularly, and seemed very genuine - even had pics of her with the dogs. I have vowed to keep an eye on her going forward - any sign that she's even thinking about setting up again and I'll be naming and shaming her on every bit of social media I can find. Eddie_shef - the company is actually just her and she's totally ignoring me. The police have advised against going to her house as it may escalate - I'm calmer now than when I first talked to them, and I think they thought at the time I might try and punch her Or worse, take my husband with me, which would definitely have led to an escalation! My family have all said that no matter what, they will look after the pets for us in the future, and in fact my niece has now decided she will house sit for us also - so I will be more worried about parties than the animals on my next holiday :D.
  3. Me and my sis in law looked at this shop as an option about 16 years ago. We are really glad we didn't go ahead with it - although it looked really good at first as Java Lounge I never saw it busy in there and think we would have regretted it.
  4. Long post alert! I haven't posted for ages on the Forum although I do read through the posts regularly. However I've just had an experience that I feel I have to share to prevent this happening to anyone else. My hubby and I had a holiday last week. We used to have family look after our pets but due to illness, house moves and work, it wasn't possible this time. We only used a cattery once and my cats were totally traumatised - plus it didn't help with the problem of feeding the goldfish and tortoises. So I had the great idea of getting a pet sitter in. I chose a local company, relatively new but with great reviews and assurances of her love for animals. I met up with her twice and really liked her, was impressed that she had enough about her to start a small business as that is close to my heart. She wrote everything down about my pets to make sure they would be well looked after and confirmed that she would call in twice a day and I would get a text every day to let me know they were okay. I honestly thought that if this worked it would be the perfect long standing agreement for every time we went away. I handed over my key and she sent me a message saying I should relax and enjoy my holiday. She called at lunchtime (not early morning as agreed) on the first day. And she never came back. I realised by the end of day 2 that something was wrong - I had a camera that showed no-one had been to the house. My dad had to travel over - he has cancer and was recovering from the latest round of chemo, which is why we hadn't asked him before. He found that the cats had been eating grass and had thrown up everywhere. The torts and fish can survive a few days without food, the cats get dramatic if their food is half an hour late. We had to cut our holiday short and come back early. Despite multiple attempts to contact this woman, I've had no response or explanation. And most worrying is that I haven't been able to get my key back. Im sure the majority of these businesses are totally dependable. However lessons learned for anyone using similar services ( unfortunately I won't be ) a) only use businesses that are long standing and well established b) ask to speak to previous customers - the business could have posted their own reviews c) check with your house insurers that they will cover you if the key is handed to a third party and your house is then burgled. Apparently most don't. d) make sure you have cameras - if I hadn't, my animals would have been at the vets now or worse. e) check that the business has a plan in place should anything happen to them. No idea if this woman is in a coma somewhere or is just a scammer, but whichever it is, there could be someone else's pets right now that are suffering due to her lack of planning/honesty. The police are now involved and we are looking at passing the cost of new locks on to this woman. Locksmiths are here, we are looking for solicitors and additional cameras and I'm very stressed. Not how I expected to be spending the last few days of my holiday. I hope this helps prevent this happening to anyone else and their pets. And apologies to all the genuine businesses out there who really do care about animals and wouldn't dream of doing this to anyone.
  5. Hi Adele - I lived just off Herries Road in Sheffield 5. It never looked like it was the good sort of post
  6. Same at Burncross - and just happened again :-/
  7. Could be - he looked darker than that but then it was pitch black It looks like the sort of dog he was to be sure. Unfortunately he had gone this morning. I'm going to put some food out though as it seemed as though that's what he was after last night - he jumped over my gate onto my decking which is what made me look outside. I often put my cats' food out there, so he could probably smell it. So he may come back later if he's still loose. I'll post later if he shows up.
  8. Thanks Strix. No, he is just running up and down it, but he can easily get into other gardens. I doubt he'll still be there in the morning, or possibly in half an hour, but if anyone is looking it might give them a starting point.
  9. I live close to the Herries Road end of Wordsworth Avenue and a big dog is in my garden that looks as though it's got loose. It has a big red collar. I know nothing about dogs, so can't tell you what type it is, but it is a similar shape to a staffy, but bigger. It looks as if it is different shades of brown with white patches. It's quite a big dog. I'm trying to get a better look but I'm scaring him so I'm not sure I'll be able to get a pic or anything. If anyone is missing a dog, please let me know by pm. Ta.
  10. Hi, Readicut have a super sale on at the moment with balls of Twilleys wool 2p plus a £3.99 one off postage. http://www.readicut.co.uk/product.asp?pf_id=RC15048&name=rc15048&sfile=1&jump=0 Hope that helps. ( spotted on MoneySavingExpert - thanks SukiSu ) Hope I've not broken any rules by posting the link. If so - sorry!!!
  11. I've been experimenting with bread too and will have to give yours a go next weekend. My favourite so far is 100g of plain flour mixed with 100g of plain yoghurt, made into a dough, rolled into two flat breads and put into a hot frying pan with a tiny bit of oil in it. I can make them and be cleaned up in 5 minutes :0) Tastes just like nan bread. I started off adding spices to them, but I just make them plain to have with curry now ( I'm so lazy !!)
  12. That was excellent. Especially the sketches at the bottom!! Thanks for a good laugh :-D
  13. Well done!! That's a brilliant time - my first year it was 73 mins!
  14. Thanks GB and everyone else who was there to support - it really does give you a boost when everyone is shouting and singing and clapping, especially up that last hill. Shaved a minute off my time - 60 mins this year! Was hoping to get 50-something this time, but I'm still really pleased. And it gives me a target for next year Well done to everyone!!
  15. Hi djeli, I can't help at the moment as Hotel Joey is full up Is there any chance of getting a photo as I will then be able to put it on our internal network at work - a photo always helps stir those kitty friendly hearts. Are they needing permanent homes too? If so, could you remind me how much it is to adopt from Jackie so that I can put the full details up? Ta
  16. I'm doing it too - this will be my third year. I went from 73 mins first year to 61 last year. I'll be really happy with 59 mins 59 secs this year My friend is running her first ever this year so we've been doing a few hill runs to get her used to them. That last hill is just not nice at all! My only tip is not to run in the last couple of days before the race. We'll be doing a short run on the Weds or Thurs and then resting for a couple of days. Ooh, and don't cut your toe nails the night before the race, just in case you slip with the scissors
  17. I helped build the incinerator at Bernard Road and walked along the roof of it mid-build a few times. When I say I helped build it, I was the site secretary, but point it out to my family every time we pass and say "I built that!" I also "built" a few warehouses in Sheffield, and before all that I had a sandwich shop which still has the name I (and my sis) gave it on the sign I designed for it! Not the most prestigious marks to make, but my marks nonetheless
  18. There are some crackers in there. Some are not to my taste, but a lot of really great ones! Well done.
  19. To contact me, please either Private Message me or leave a reply on this thread - http://www.sheffieldforum.co.uk/showthread.php?t=785608 Thanks.
  20. Sale Amount FREE - SUBJECT TO HOME VISIT Reason for Rehome / Sale RESCUED STRAY Time Scale – How Urgent? ASAP Has the Cat ever been in Rescue UNKNOWN Location S5, COOKSON ROAD AREA Age & Sex MALE, APPROX 2 YRS OLD Vaccinated & Wormed WORMED, UNKNOWN IF VACCINATED Neutered & Micro chipped NEUTERED, NOT CHIPPED Breed/ Mix MOGGY Colour/markings GINGER, BLACK SPECKS ON NOSE Long/Shorthaired SHORTHAIRED Live in / Or in and out OUT AT THE MOMENT Used to a cat flap UNKNOWN Ever lived with other cats/dogs/other animals UNKNOWN Any Current or Historical Health or Psychological Issues UNKNOWN Temperament GENTLE, LOVING OK with Dogs / Cats UNKNOWN, BUT IS BULLIED BY LOCAL CATS Can the Cat be picked up and put in a basket without risk of scratching YES Can the Cat be groomed without risk of scratching YES Good or Bad with Children YES, HAPPILY LET MY NEPHEW STROKE IT Dislike of Men or Women NOT SEEN ANY SIGNS OF THIS - MY DAD IS HOLDING HIM IN THE PICTURE AND HE HAPPILY LAID IN HIS ARMS Housetrained SEEMS TO BE - DIDN'T HAVE ANY ACCIDENTS DURING RECENT VET VISITS Any further General Information you can share. THIS IS A STRAY CAT THAT LONGS FOR A BIT OF LOVE AND ATTENTION AND SHOWS NO SIGN OF BEING ANYTHING BUT THE PERFECT PET. I'D LOVE TO FIND HIM A HAPPY HOME BEFORE WINTER COMES AS HE IS LIVING ROUGH AT THE MOMENT. GINGER TOM 1 GINGER TOM 2 GINGER TOM 3 Thanks for reading
  21. Sorry Horner, didn't see your question before - no he is short haired. Update:- I have been feeding him since I last posted and he's put some weight on and looks a lot more healthy now. I took him to the vet this week and as I suspected, he has no microchip and was an entire male. I've had him neutered and have picked him back up this morning, a little grumpy, but still very lovely. He is around 2 years old with a beautiful face. He has what I thought were dirty specks on his nose, but it is pigmentation. The vet says he is a good weight now and has no sign of fleas. I wormed him a few weeks ago, so all in all he has a full bill of health. I'm going to be looking for a home for him, and will fill in one of the forms, but just thought I'd put some pics up in case anyone recognises him. Pic 1 Pic 2 Pic 3
  22. Similar to weenireeni, I use Moneysavingexpert to find the comps, Roboform to fill the forms in quickly, and enjoy an hour or two each evening while watching tv to enter them. I've been doing it since October and have had a couple of biggish wins and lots of little ones. I do a victory dance every time I win, no matter how small the prize - it's a real adrenalin rush! My relatives seem to benefit more from the prizes than me, especially the kids, but it is great fun. I have a separate email account for comps, and bought a 99p mobile phone from CarphoneWarehouse so that I don't give out my "real" phone number. When I get fed up of comping, I'll stop using them, and all the spam will disappear
  23. I've been feeding a beautiful ginger tom cat for a couple of months now. I don't usually do this, but it was generally felt by the people on the road that it was an ex-feral that belonged to one of our neighbours who had decided they didn't want it, and I couldn't let it go hungry. My cats really don't like this cat, and it is starting to cause issues as they are afraid to go outside when the puss is hanging around, which seems to be pretty much all the time. I decided to go and see the neighbour yesterday to see what they wanted to do about it, only to find that they still have their cat - it lives in their garden in a specially made shed and is very well loved and looked after. As I was cuddling their cat, I showed them the stray lookalike that was still sat on my windowsill across the road and they could see why I'd thought it was the same cat. So it looks as if it is indeed a stray. I'll try and get some pics, but just wondered if anyone was missing a cat, (probably about 3 years old) around the Cookson Road area at all. I'm going to attempt to get it in a basket tomorrow and take it to check for a chip, but would be really happy if it was claimed before I put it (or me)through that ordeal.
  24. I have to say Foxy, I nearly chickened out the first year. But the guy I got mine from has bred torts for decades, and he is highly respected on the various tortoise boards I checked out when I was thinking about getting some. So I trusted him implicitly when he told me that they will be happier and healthier with a good hibernation each year - I got mine at 6 months old and they had already had their first hibernation with him. I contacted him before I started the hibernation process the first time for some reassurance, and it helped a lot, and they are indeed happy and healthy, or so they tell me There really is so much conflicting information given out, especially by pet shops it seems, that I think you have to find someone you feel you can trust and stick to their advice. Edited to add - if Tiny had health issues, then you were definitely right not to hibernate him anyway.
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