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  1. I find red too sweet for a bacon sandwich.
  2. Tangy brown for me and must be HP.
  3. Well the house is freehold, & worth 200k. The person to whom it will be gifted has no property or savings. Will that person have to pay CGT if they sell in a year or so, as it is their only property?
  4. Can you transfer property to someone if money does not change hands, and when such transfers do take place, are SDLT or any other charges still payable?
  5. Thank you both, for your replies.
  6. I have just watched 'Homes under the Hammer' and wondered if a neighbour could reject a party wall agreement for no reason other than they just didn't want a neighbour to build an extention or house next to there's? Could this be overridden and if so by whom?
  7. Thank you for your prompt reply, Jeffrey.
  8. Is it unusual for plots of land with planning permission, not to have a legal pack from an estate agent? Do they just expect you to check the council's planning permission and documentation? Is there a minimum requirement that should be included in some sort of legal pack from the vendor?
  9. Oh yeah, now who's talking rubbish? So why has it just been announced this evening that the bank of England is going to pump a hundred billion into the economy. In other words they are going to print money, even if technically some of this money will digitally be pumped into the economy. It was only a matter of time. I rest my case. https://www.theguardian.com/business/2020/jun/18/bank-of-england-uk-economy-quantitative-easing-coronavirus-crisis
  10. I know the weather is glorious right now, but could men restrain themselves and not go topless in supermarkets. Please report this behaviour to security or the manager so they can put a message on the window. Apart from anything else it is unhygienic. I also wish kids wouldn't scooter around the aisles.
  11. Just watched an old black & white film, in which women were doing this? When & why did it stop?
  12. But all money is printed first, even the large amounts that are transferred. That printed money is then transferred to a government bank account and electronic transfers go from there.
  13. But if nobody knew a country was printing money for large projects, how could devaluation be calculated?
  14. Imagine you are a dictator and you want arms or nuclear missiles and oil, etc. You can afford anything by just printing money. If you are a dictator, who is going to stop you or even know. The country gaining your filthy lucre won't care or know, so long as they are paid.
  15. Well if you look at the debt we are in today, we don't have rampant inflation. Once again, if money was printed to just pay for our every day debts, (not the national debt as that's too large and would be too noticeable if paid), who would know or ask where the money came from?
  16. The UK is £1,617.6 billion in debt. I know its not imaginery debt, hence more reason to print money. How do we know that China isn't printing money, or the USA, to pay for all their massive nuclear and space projects? How do we know whether every time the Middle East order our Harriet jump jets, they're not just printing money to pay us, rather than using their tax payer's money? How would we know, providing its real money they are paying us, what's the problem?
  17. But providing the £5 was real money, what's the problem? The taxi driver was paid real money.
  18. Not if they don't tell us. Look, they can pretend we can't afford all our debts, but secretly be paying the country's debts, while pretending we can't afford anything, hence another excuse for cutbacks, just like we've had since 2008.
  19. There is only one way to overcome this, just print money. After all who is really going to know?
  20. The photo is a photo I took from my mobile phone library, so it doesn't have a URL.
  21. But her daughter is not paying any rent, therefore is her daughter technically sub-letting? There is probably no tenancy agreement or contract of any kind and money has never changed hands. It is just a member of the family, flat sitting temporarily.
  22. Well that's cleared that up. Thank you Jeffrey.
  23. I rang planning today. Even though planning lapsed only three weeks ago, all plans have to be re - submitted. Even then, there is no guarantee you will get planning again. Laws have changed in the interim, other buildings have been erected and planning for other buildings may be in the pipeline. However, it sold at auction from £33K to £155k.
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