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  1. Hi! One of my girls is at Wybourn Primary and my other girl is at the nursery at the sure start centre that feeds into the school. Both of my girls attended the nursery and both my girls will be attending the school come next September. I do not have a bad word to say about the school. My daughter seemed to thrive and grow in her reception year, coming on in leaps and bounds and any issues or problems I had to do with her learning the teachers were very approachable. She is now in year one at the school and continues to thrive and she loves it. I disagree with parents taking their kids to school in their PJ's. I live opposite the school and have never seen anyone taking their child to school in PJ's, but I have to admit, I do hear them swearing and this does need to be toned down, specially when there are kids about. The school has good policies and they treat every child equally. Some kids might not get a very good start and may not have opportunities to do things when they are not at school, so for the kids that aren't lucky enough to have many life experiances, the school tries their best to cater for every "special" occasion and give the children as many experiences as they can. They are a very welcoming parent friendly school. They allow parents to be in school to drop children off into the classroom and then complete morning work with their children too. Which isn't what I have heard that goes on in Emmaus, but I don't know how true that is. They love parents in the school, even as far as parent volunteering goes and it you want to help out in school, all you have to do is ask. The ofstead reports say it all really when compared, this is what helped me make my decision, especially not being from the area, but I do feel I made the right decision. This is just my own experience and my views of the school, but everyone is different. Why not take a look around both schools and see what you think for yourself? Get a feel for the learning environments that your children will be placed in and then make a decision from there. Hope that helps
  2. **Update** We are now located in a new area of Victoria Hall Methodist Mission. Our main entrance for Little Starz is now on Norfolk Street, between Jumbo's Chinese Restaurant and Chapel Walk. On the front of the building there are big glass doors, that's where we will be, you won't miss us and be sure to look out for the posters on the doors too. It's opposite the Crucible/Arundel Gate Bus station. If you're still unsure, just go the the main entrance on Chapel Walk and someone in there will be able to tell you where we are
  3. Hi there, I chatted to some of your members as they were setting up in Norfolk Park today. My partner and I were with our daughters and our 14 week old puppy Dexter. They did mention what time the session ran on a Sunday but I can't for the life of me remember :/ Are you still looking for new members and if so what times/days are the session as we feel this is something that Dexter and ourselves may be interested in. Thanks! DW
  4. Hi everyone! Little Starz opens this Friday!! (Formerly Jellytots Parent, Carer and Toddler group) A parent and child drop in centre/ toddler group for parents with children under five. Pushchair accessible, changing facilities, food warming and high chairs. Every Friday 1-3pm. Come and meet others in a child friendly environment, have a cuppa and let your kids play. Suited for children from birth to five. Huge amounts of toys and books. Occasional craft activities. Social environment for parents. Breast feeding friendly. Through glass doors opposite Superdrug, lower ground floor of Victoria Methodist Mission, Chapel Walk. £1 per family per session (No maater how many children you have!) This charge also includes 1 hot or cold drink! Hope to see as many of you there as possible! The Little Starz Team!
  5. Hi all! Just wanted to inform members old and new that due to lack of funding, Jellytots will now only be open on Fridays. We apologise to anyone that was planning on coming on Monday's and Wednesday's but we were asked to pick one day to open and chose Friday as it's our busiest day. Apologies once again. Hope to see you soon! The jellytots team x (p.s. we reopen 6th Jan, usual time 1-3pm)
  6. Olliekitten, have a read of this that I've just found http://www.sheffinfolink.org.uk/OneStopCMS/Core/CrawlerResourceServer.aspx?resource=CC1D9F39-135F-4ACC-9D0B-7BCEDBE6C02F&mode=link&guid=24b1077f1f6242a2b224fb5888db06c1
  7. Hmm, that's odd! I haven't a clue really. Not fully enquired about it, but thought I'd net snoop first. It's baffling me to hell!
  8. Thank you for your response camum! Do you happen to know of the website for the online application?
  9. Hi everyone, I'm mega confused about all this when my daughter will start school info. I've tried looking it up on directgov and the council website but it doesn't seem to give me the information that I'd like. My daughter is 3 (her birthday was in May) and she will be starting nursery in a couple of weeks. I know this may sound premature but how and when do I go about signing her up to the school that I'd like her to go to? Also, according to her birth date, when would she be due to start school? Being the first time I have had to deal with this it is all rather confusing, so some advice, help, websites would be fab from anyone! Thanks! DW x
  10. Hello everyone, Just to let you all know, due to the sad loss of Anne Sears (Victoria Hall's Secratary), Victoria Hall will be closed for her funeral on Monday 22nd August. Therefore there will be no Jellytots that day. Thanks.
  11. Hi everyone! Jellytots is still open during the school holidays! Pop along to let your little one burn off some steam while you sit and have a chat and a cuppa! We will also be having fun with a parachute tomorrow so bring your little ones for a few fun games. We have a lovely summer time volunteer who will be adding a bit of extra fun most sessions during the hols Open Mon/Weds/Fri 1-3pm. (Closed 29th August for Bank Holiday Monday) See you soon!
  12. Jellytots Parent and Toddler/baby group in Victoria Methodist Mission on Chapel Walk is open Mon, Weds, Fri 1-3pm.
  13. I think Corp is ok but I kinda begrudge paying to get into a place, especially £5! I know I'm a tightwad but I also don't trust myself near their cheap booze, I kind of can't help myself! Ha ha!
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