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  1. I had a brainwave just after posting this.... I phoned my dentist in Sheffield. They gave me some numbers to try (0114 2717834) and it worked a treat (central appointments). Mods, you can close this thread now. Ps. I don't know why it would'nt let my type here until I deleted your quote, FORE, very strange!!
  2. Hi all. I have an appointment there this week. I have today come down with a head cold and want to contact them for advise/rearrange. The contact numbers online (0114 2717800) doesn't work. The automated one doesn't understand " Charles Clifford" or the department I'm going to. When the automated line puts me through to the operator, it just says "they are unable to take my call, try again later". Any advice on how to contact them? I don't live locally, so can't pop in. Kind regards B
  3. Evening all. Other than staples, does anyone know where I could print two pdf sheets off? I live in s8 so the closer the better. Thanks B
  4. http://www.thestar.co.uk/news/sheffield-bins-to-be-cleared-today-as-council-review-continues-1-7033965 Guess not then. Black bin done today, still a road full of glass and paper here in Woodseats
  5. just a quick question that i cant find the answer to on the internet. I returned from my holidays Monday night. After driving up from Gatwick, I found my street has the notices on for works to start the next morning at 7am (well, the sign nearest my car said 7pm-7am!). So, I had to drive around lots of side streets to find a parking space. Anyhow, i noticed this morning that the 3 day long notice (from 7am on the 9th Sep) has now been changed to 9 days. Anyhow know if this includes the weekends? Ie can i park on my road between 7am-7pm? much thanks. Ps it’s the pavement they’re doing. There was work going on another street this morning, but my road was still open.
  6. Im off on holiday in a few weeks....and.....well, im whiter than white. Im wanting to build up a base level of resistance so that come day one of my hols im not burnt to a crisp. So, im looking fora sunbed place in the s8 area. I work mon-fri and dont get home till 17:30, so ideally I need a place that is open till around 7. Any suggestions out there? thanks p.s. im a bloke so the more manly the place, the better
  7. thanks....already contacted him this morning. just wanting other recommnedations etc.... he could quote £1000 and I would'nt know if it was a fair deal or not
  8. After 10 years of driving, I made my first proper snafoo. Backing out of a car park….looking very carefully in my passenger-side wing mirror to make sure I didn’t clip it…… smashed my rear drivers side door into a supporting pillar. The upshot is, I need someone to have a look at it to try and get a quote to fix it (if poss). It’s a 09 plate civic. Anyone know of any good body work places, esp. around the south of Sheffield (Abbeydale, Norton etc). Ideally they will also be open Saturday or early so I don’t have to take too much time off work to rectify. Thanks in advance. p.s. I have photos that I can email.
  9. disagree to a certain extent. when they "all" went out en mass at the end of the programme was due to trying to find the guys from that crime.... but probably only due to the impact on their states
  10. how about, instead of having a crossing on both ends of the tram stop (a mere, what 15m apart) why not just have one in the middle of the stop? The amount of times I've got stuck between the two set of lights, then they went to green but the one at the junction (with West St) went red, so nothing moved, only for the crossings to go to red again once the junction lights went green!
  11. Hello. Recently moved out and have a spare king size bed and chest of draws. They are both in relatively good condition, although being Ikea are flat pack models. Someone mentioned that charities may be willing to accept this type of stuff that helps people who have been homeless with furniture. Anyone know of anywhere?
  12. Ah, this that Swimfit thingy? guess i'd have to have a full £30pcm membership though :-(
  13. Evening all. I used to swim for a club back in my teens (not to any great level though). I turned 30 this year and recently I've thought about training again (mainly for fitness). I've emailed one team in Sheffield that has a masters squad, but they're full (I've not tried city of sheff as I'm not on their level). So, it looks like its stupid lane swimming for me. Anyone got any suggestions about where to go (as cheap as poss, I'm already a member of a gym so was wondering whether you can get a swim only fitness unlimited card), and, if I have to train alone, do any pools allow fins ? Also.....what's swim fit? Any advice swimmers?
  14. Hi all. my landlady came round the other day and cut down a hedge, but left all the cuttings on my back yard. I therefore need to dispose of them. I've seen people use these green garden waste bags before. Where can I get them from? I've tried black bags but the garden waste just rips them to bits. if I can get them in bags I can get them in my car and take them a somewhere for recycling. thanks
  15. Last week I drove past and saw it was closed due to works on the bridge. Anyone know if it is still closed? The Council’s site now links to a national Roadworks.org site and there is nothing of that on note, so assuming it’s open again?
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