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  1. Oooohhhhhh. everyday is a school day!
  2. In a plane? I'm sure it's not a helicopter........ Maybe
  3. I noticed it happen probably June the first time, probably the 4th time I've noticed now. Very odd
  4. Hi. About once a week I hear low flying planes late at night (well, around 10pm). I can hear it now, circling back around every few minutes or so. Anyone else heard it?
  5. Hi all. I just moved back to the city and I'm considering cycling to work on occasion. I live in intake and work on Granville road. Anyone got any good cycling routes? I appreciate that I would have to cross major junctions whichever way I go... Obviously not too keen on city road given the tram tracks. I also have a road bike, so ironically going down a long steep hill such as east bank road, won't be great either as control (ability to stop) wouldn't be great. Currently thinking about either going across Hollinsend road and cutting through gleadless cutting out a bit of East Bank, or going across manor top (ta base), then cutting through the back of the manor, working my way down to park grange and through Norfolk park? Fyi.... I'm going a longer (less steep) way home. Thanks all
  6. Sooooo, not a good time to buy a drive then! 🤪
  7. So, I bought a new house in April. I've like a new drive, with the concrete being replaced, and potentially the little lawn at the front of the house also been turned into a drive (and maybe a low height wall replacing the boundary hedge). Thing is, having just bought a house, I can't afford it this year at least.... But don't know how much to budget. Would a company quote for work you can't schedule for a year?
  8. from what I understand, you can’t wait on the road (Blackstock).... but you have waiting times for 30mins or more...how's that work then!! You could book slots in Notts and Lincs. I have loads of cardboard from moving boxes and new stuff like fridge freezer...then there’s amazon that like to deliver a new duvet in a huge box stuffed with that packing paper....you know, in case the duvet breaks 😄
  9. So, I've moved to Sheffield from Lincoln, via Nottingham for a short while. So, we only have cardboard recycling once a month in Sheffield... As opposed to every 2 weeks in those other places. Those other places you could also book a slot at the tip. I can't seem to find that Sheffield way. So, is there anyway to recycle all my cardboard rather than having to store it for a few months and put it in the bin bit by bit?
  10. Not sure if this is the correct place to post.... But where is best for hiring a van for all day Saturday? Most main ban hire places close late morning on a weekend. Looking for a 9-3ish gig.
  11. I got through on the phone...well, into the holding pattern.... Where I hung up after 15 mins... It's almost like they are deliberately trying to dissuade people from joining
  12. So I move back to Sheffield over the weekend. Now that the gyms are open I want to join a gym which has a pool.... Ponds forge of the obvious choice. Unfortunately there is no membership information on their website.... Just a phone number that just goes to voicemail. The website directs you to phone too. I know today will be extremely busy due to facilities reopening, but does anyone else have this issue or have managed to join recently? Thanks
  13. chesterfield road is the main one from town up to norton woodseats round links abbeydale and woodseats
  14. the old cycling route (and im a fattie) was via abbeydale then up woodseats road. Up the hills main road to woodseats (forgot the name) isnt too bad.
  15. Hello. I have just been offered a job in Sheffield. I am from Sheff originally, but lived in Lincoln since 2015. I will be looking to move back to Sheff as the commute will be way too long, esp. when rush hour returns to normal. New job is in the city centre (although with parking), but might also have to work near Hillsborough or Crystal Peaks. I was just about to bid on a house on the outskirts of Nottingham (near Ikea). It was a 3 bed semi for £160,000. In Lincoln, you could also get a 3 bed semi about 4-5 miles outside the centre for the same money So, I know my money will not go as far in Sheffield. For the same money, if I’m looking at a 2-3 bed terrace n somewhere like Woodseats etc (that’s where I loved before moving to Lincoln). For some reason, I don’t really want to move to the outskirts of Sheff (i.e. Killamarsh, Dronfiled etc) as I want to be able to cycle into work if poss (so, 6miles) Anyone got any suggestions other the the usual (Meersbrook, woodseats, Walkley) etc?
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