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  1. A highly recommendation for repointing I’ve just had done, I don’t think Matt needs my review to get work, the quality and his professionalism will guarantee he’ll never be out of work, it’s hard to find a tradesman that takes pride in what he does these days and Matt certainly does that, very competitive quote, turned up when promised, hardworking, reliable, very tidy, finished to a high standard and a genuinely really nice fella, 07973548774
  2. I’m wanting a semi detached house about 1200 high, so no scaffold needed, grinding out and re- pointing, I’m wanting professional,s in the business only, no diy’rs
  3. Totally agree, went Saturday with my partner, ordered half chicken and a pizza, the chicken still had blood in the middle, took it back and was told that the chef would cook it for abit longer, told em no thanks and got a refund for the chicken, the pizza was sloppy and fell off the base but still ate this as I was starving, not for me this place,
  4. The best one i think is lilas on Buchanan shops can't beat there bread cakes and coffee, use to use Michelle's cafe what use to be bites on magnet shops regular but then found a big dirty hair in my food not been back since, noticed its had a bit of work done on it lately so not sure bout it now....
  5. Personally id recomend the DTUK tuning chip, with a DTUK tuning box your engine can run more efficiently plus give you more bhp, and you would be looking at half the price of a remap
  6. i got insured online at tesco, put my tesco clubcard number in and got a £120 discount
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