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  1. an excellent post:) and I agree with what you say. Also an enlightening post,you learn something everyday. BUT, do we realy need to be reminded that the year is coming to an end,when actually we still have a quarter of the year left. We dont need to be told that in 12 weeks time we are expected to spend -spend -spend so start spending now. If Xmas was to be ignored until late November it would make it worth while and more enjoyable! Does this sort of thing happen in the USA from September onwards as they have several other major holidays from yet until Xmas day ????.
  2. Yeh its great when celebrated at the right time(preferably xmas time) for whatever reasons suit the individual,but when I started the thread I was pointing out that there is absolutly no need to start banging it into everyones head as soon as the kids go back to school in September. I personally have a life,of which I dont want to be pestered and reminded for 3-4 months of the year that Xmas is coming,from December onwards is absolutly fine. The post about the person with 2 small kids wanting something to look forward to and Xmas bringing out their imagination is absolute Brain swamp. My kid has something to look forward to all year round,thats possibly because I dont purposly go out and get into debt every Xmas because the shops tell me to,and as for imagination,how much of an imagination will those kids have if they are just going out a doing what they see on TV and what a megabucks company is telling them to do. Its brain numbing nonsense:loopy:
  3. I'm not being marby,Xmas is great when celebrated at the correct time. It should be banned from the shops and TV until Christmas time:loopy:
  4. So once again the time has come,Christmas rammed down our throats from the end of September:(. I am sick of it already,it should be banned from the TV and advertising boards until at least the end of November,only this morning on a breakfast TV channel they had kids making a giant xmas card,works do's have been advertised since early September and there is a sudden influx of adverts for toys on the TV,shops are stocked with tacky decorations for sale and some have even started with the over the top decorations already. If you've not realised it yet ,we actually spend a quarter of our year either celebrating or planning Xmas and watching the latest creepy mega store ads on TV . I dont mind Xmas from mid December,but detest having to see all these tacky ads as soon as I get back off my hols. It does seem to get earlier every year , a total waste of time if you ask me. does anyone know if there are any petitions or likewise which want to ban Christmas until Christmas time???
  5. And we also dont have accept a City stuck in the last centuary,its only 1 big billboard,whats the beef,the road where its planned is mainly a bus only route so I dont expect it to be much of a distraction. Buses and cars drive past much bigger eye catching buildings and the majority of motorist will rubberneck to look at an accident on the other side of the motorway. The novelty will wear off after a couple of week. I can remember the first rotating billboards attracted this sort stick when they first came out,now they are as common as standard billboards,and I never had an accident while ogling the wonderbra ad:hihi:
  6. How do know this milk was fresh and not at least 3-4 days old???,modern milk has quite a long shelf life.
  7. The post is not about people driving round a foreign city,its about people simply walking from one place to the next,which I assume they do everyday,so should know where they are going anyway. The post is about people (who in my opinion are mainly foreign) blattently walking in the road causing traffic problems. They call it Jaywalking in a few other English speaking countries,and it carries a fine, maybe we should impose these fines in this country if the influx of foreign students are to carry on ignoring simple English rules which are actually set down for their own safety, Oh no ,but then that would be a tick in the motorist's box ,and we cant have that because cars and motorist's are killing the planet, it will never happen so lets just blame the motorist for mowing down a jaywalker..
  8. Sounds great to me .. Whats the fuss,its in an already busy buisness district,its not going to affect any homes or other buisnesses. It's a great way of generating extra income for the buildings owners and a great way for some 'maybe' local buisness to get its name seen by thousands of people. Its the 21st centuary afterall and I dont expect it to be like Times square.
  9. I agree that quite a lot of students seem to be foreign,mainly Chinese and I asume that these students are not familiar with UK traffic laws,it can be seen more obviously by the ones riding bikes. But if they cant read or understand simple English road signs how are they being taught in an English speaking country by an English speaking teacher. I personnally think they cant be bothered to adhere to our road rules,or maybe they are looking for an easy payout!!!
  10. So, I'm asuming you reported the shoplifters which you saw. NO !!! well that makes you as bad as the people your moaning about
  11. To call the bloke a scroat is out of order,he's obviously a hard working trader if he's advertising in the paper. I cant see the issue with this.He was obviously quick off the mark to arrange collection and get it off your hands. lets face it-whoever gets the freezer is getting it for nothing and whats to say someone else who maybe doesn't work and cant be bothered to get off their backside to earn a living is not gonna sell it on in a couple of weeks to pay for their next shot in the arm or a night down the boozer. well done for using initiative I say !!
  12. I would'nt dare go to any of my customers before 8.30.we dont use ladders either so no fear of catching anyone undressed or the like !! I've just seen the bloke on our road walking to someones house with his ladders in hand at 7.45 which prompted me to look on here. Crazy:loopy:
  13. Watch out !!!! while working in Walkley today I witnessed 2 scrapmen wait for an elderly lady to leave the house then call another bloke in a white transit style van- as soon as she left. They went round the back of the house and stayed for around 5 mins obviously looking for stuff to steal but never once knocked on the door to ask. As they were leaving with some items the elderly lady had obviously seen them and returned to her house and asked them to replace what they had stolen from the rear of her house. She was met by torrent of abuse and foul language from the younger of the 2 men at which point I stepped in, I had witnessed the whole event. I was met by threats and abuse but strangly enough when I stood my ground both scrappies decided to stay on the other side of the road and instead of backing up their threats,walked off shouting more threats,abuse and foul language,like the weak scumbags they are !!! They were reported to the police but dont know anything after that. Did anyone else have anything stolen in the Walkley area today ??? I do feel that something should be done about these unregistered theiving scroungers,especially the ones who cant accept when they've been caught in the act, luckily no one got hurt but the elderly lady was terrified:(
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