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  1. Ah such memories. The mid 40's Just started to go dancing to the Abbeydale not old enough to go to the pub. At the interval we all used to go to Pop's the girls had cream sodas and the lads sarsaparilla.Young American soldiers used to come in it reminded them of home. I was Golden Earrings then. Great memories.
  2. Hi old friends of Carfield Intermediate School. I'm still going strong.I hope you are all ok. Time flies and only just thought to have a look at Sheffield Forum again. Specially David are you ok? I frequently pass Carfield and it looks so small, is it me or was it always so small.
  3. Hi David, hope you are good. I am well and still in Sheffield at Gleadless. How times have changed. My Sons went to Carfield and then on to Newfield. The eldest then went on to Abbeydale for A levels. How schooling has changed since those days. The old disciplines stood you in good stead for life. My youngest Son served in the Parachute Reg., the eldest a football coach with the FA and is a director of coaching with a major club. So Carfield was a good start in life. Nice to get in touch.
  4. Time Bandit 52. Yes I was a friend of Elsie she lived in the flats at the bottom of Valley Road. When I was at Carfield I lived on Whiting Street.
  5. I remember Roy Benson he lived in the terrace houses which were where the Waitrose entrance above the church is now. His friend was Roy Parton who lived in Pearl Street. We and many more friends had wonderful times at the Abbeydale Ballroom in the mid 1940's.
  6. George Thompson worked at Laycocks most of his working life. Mosquito Bomber Pilot in WW2 Has passed away at the age of 96 years. He has been in a nursing home in Sheffield for the last 10 years. He moved in when his wife Millie died,she also worked at Laycocks all her working life. In all this time my husband and I have been except for George Ellis who also worked at Laycocks his only visitors.I haven't George Ellis's address to let him know,but since he is also 96 I doubt he could attend the cremation. I hope some of the older employees or ex RAF could attend Georges cremation it is Friday 23rd at Hutcliffe Wood it would be very sad if only a few carers and my husband and I were the only people there. George had no family.
  7. Hi David, Wow, what a lot of memories you have revived. Re the Wiltons Sylvia lives in the flats now. I'm not sure but I think it was the Wrays. Marjorie her Sister lives in the retirement houses at the side of Carfield School. The Kenderdines had the gift shop didn't they.? Sykes was the Shoe Repairer. I bought Miss Redfern's Hairdressing Salon. Dante McDonald was the Gents Hairdresser. Their daughter was called Jeanette after the film star of the time. Binks the baker at one time played for Sheffield Wednesday and married the Wednesday Queen. He was a very sarcastic man and never let the chance go by to put the locals down. His Son's were Jimmy who became a doctor and David who became a headteacher. I worked in hie shop during the school holidays and vividly remember him taking the micky out of Reggie Wray who came back in shortly after and showed Sidney Binks a certificate.He said you think you are clever but you haven't got one of these. It said on it that Reggie Wray had been declared sane.!!!!I think this is enough for now. Lovely going down memory lane. ---------- Post added 16-01-2013 at 10:50 ---------- Mistake made Miss Redferns was the Woo Shop bought by Mrs Revill ( Ida Beaumont) She turned it into the Hairdressing Salon I bought around 1966. Sorry for the mistake. ---------- Post added 16-01-2013 at 10:51 ---------- Whoops even the WOOL shop.
  8. Hi Dave ,yes I was the eldest. I don't think you would remember any of the family. But if you went to Newfield you might have known my Son's. Martin and John Hunter.? You mention Mr and Mrs Enderby We all had to call her Madame Enderby. !! She was a famous judge on what was the fore runner os Strictly Come Dancing ! Do you remember Marjorie Wilton? She used to shop for Madame Enderby. Also the lady you knew as Mrs Wray was a Lady in Waiting to our Queens Grandmother. That was before she married. Her Son Reggie was in Wadsley Asylum for many years. Mr Wray was a disgusting old man who bred maggots on the railway at the bottom of Little London Road.
  9. Hi Dave Downing, I knew your Mum and Dad very well. I lived on Whiting Street until I got married. The last time I saw you was at your Mother's Funeral.Your Mother was Elsie Sanderson wasn't she? She was a wonderful person.
  10. I'm a bit worried.!!! Are you and I the only old pupils still alive.
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