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  1. Good find. Looking forward to that area getting some investment.
  2. It’ll be part of the councils plans to integrate Victoria Quays with the city centre. I know the cafe on Victoria quays gets plenty of passing trade... but like you say it’s not between two roads.
  3. Any information on the construction works going on with the old public toilets in the Lady’s Bridge area / around the outfall for Megatron (53.3853293,-1.4620859) Some decent looking (twice original height) metal framework has been put in over the previous weeks.
  4. They are indeed, had the pleasure of getting to the roof a few times now
  5. The pool has been demolished, I never got to see it. There are asbestos warnings all around the ground floor but these weren't up in January when the front door was wide open, you could literally walk straight in
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