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  1. Ade65

    The Plough at Sandygate

    And the Shiny Sheff, even with major investment, is still not doing well as it still can't get in enough people to make it a realistic ongoing business. Shame, as the pub is nice to go in, the staff are friendly, and the beers aren't too overpriced.
  2. Ade65

    Wild edible mushrooms

    I can appreciate that. Just looking for a one off tomorrow with a mushroom mad friend.
  3. Ade65

    Wild edible mushrooms

    Hi, does anyone know any good places for picking edible mushrooms? Some of our local woods must have them I'd think . Any advice appreciated.
  4. Ade65

    Local Band Needed This Weekend!

    Try Beat The Bandit - they are quite local, very good, and easily contactable via their website or facebook page.
  5. Ade65

    The Plough at Sandygate

    Hi, The Plough is still open.......but things could always change.
  6. Ade65

    The Plough at Sandygate

    Still very quiet apart from Thurs and Sun for the quizzes; both good nights, rest of the time it's almost dead, sadly.
  7. Absolutely agree - he will make sure that whatever beers are sold will be in good condition. Looking forward to trying a few with you
  8. I think it's going to be pretty much opposite the Nursery Tav.....I was told, but was concentrating on my booze at the time!
  9. I need to try Taco Hell and see if it lives up to its rep
  10. No Dunkin Donuts?! No Krispy Kreme?! Sheffield is in a terminal decline....... May be time to emigrate.
  11. Ade65

    The Plough at Sandygate

    Closed last night. Hope that was just a blip.
  12. Ade65

    Camelot. The shining city.

    Sounds good - hoping to get tickets for this.
  13. Ade65

    Shiny Sheff at Lodge Moor

    No, got a cover manager in at the moment - still open as normal.
  14. Ade65

    Shiny Sheff at Lodge Moor

    I believe so - though it seems the pub is run by the Bermondsey Pub Company; but that looks to be a company owned/run by Enterprise
  15. Ade65

    Shiny Sheff at Lodge Moor

    Sounds like they weren't prepared to accept the way that the regional manager wanted to treat them. Glad they stood up for themselves, but a shame they are going as they were nice people who made an effort to get the pub going again. ---------- Post added 08-07-2015 at 00:42 ---------- Yup, nice people, but early days for the pub. Shame they felt they had to leave.

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