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  1. Wow that would be a record, who in the right mind has guaranteed you that?
  2. You must be crazy Yell.com advertise your company as well as your competitors on 20-30 different pages and charge a fortune so that would be a very bad move. Where do you rank in Google? as that route is best for any web design company especially if you offer SEO yourself. Sales person on commission is your best bet providing you have time to train them of course.
  3. Has anyone on here had it done? how does it work?
  4. Has anyone tried 4networking? I was wondering if it's worth going? Thanks in advance.
  5. Best thing to do is stick it in high interest bonds http://www.moneysupermarket.com/savings/ and do some intense research for a year, then when you withdraw the money you'll have interest just for doing research and an idea what to invest in.
  6. Can't believe the news, Gary Speed has been found dead. What a sad sad shame for a very talented guy. RIP
  7. I went about 5 years ago then one saturday i was turned away 30 mins before closing time, and made a promise to myself id never go again i now go to Volume on west st for the same price.
  8. Good Afternoon all, My girlfriend is starting up an online health and beauty shop, She is looking for suppliers that sell natural made creams, face scrub/wash and she has a keen interest in Aloe Vera products. So any suppliers out there in South yorkshire! Thanks in Advance. David
  9. Very true good content is the key for getting good results and having a lot of posts about your company in different blogs or direcotories will increase your rank in google. I do Search engine Optimising for companies and so far we have ranked them high through good content, tidy coding and relevent links.
  10. Id like to introduce my company Pure Creations UK to local business as im based in South Yorkshire and was wondering if anyone knew any Networking events local that are worth attending. Thanks in advance, David
  11. Thanks for your useful post's much appreciated im still yet to decide on an office
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