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  1. It's a bit of an strange one...the press pics don't make it look too appealing but then in hand pics I think it looks really great. Not sure about some of the features. One video with the camera gesture and it just looked like overkill. As for the copying iphone siri claims...apple basically went and took an app and implemented it as a phone feature. If the Samsung voice technology even works in the UK it will be superior.
  2. I've never seen one yet that has really blown me away and made me think that it was going to really take off...watched some football matches in 3-d and didn't feel it worked due to the limited number of layers present on the screen. Unless you got a shot of a large number of people in the crowd it didn't look that impressive.
  3. There is a really great social tennis club Rustling Lawn Tennis club off Ecclesall road. The oldest in Sheffield actually!! They have social tournaments and also compete in matches and tournaments if you ever consider joining a club I would recommend it.
  4. Would be great if it used and run down or derelict area of the city and also provide jobs for people in Sheffield. Some of the IKEA designs and build quality howerer leaves a little to be desired.
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