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  1. You must have been unlucky then chez,I've have 4 driving tests to reach the standard I'm at so we are all not in the same bracket,
  2. Mmmmm most of the hotels don't keep your car on site they move it to another secure location, I'm sure you may think again when you see how they drive it,
  3. Check out watchdog about uber then make your minds up,as last post said accounts hacked,
  4. Sgs travel baby/child or booster seats supplied 07968950051
  5. Try Gary sgs travel ford galaxy fully legal private hire air/seaport coastal sporting events general 07968950051 or email for a quote garyswiff@aol.com
  6. I knew him he was a great gaffer I took someone to the airport as I do private hire work now,they was friends with bob Western he's 75 now and plays golf at bondhay,they told me he's doing good.
  7. I'd like to say something good about alister but I can't he was a bstd when I was once on ops in cdo my wife had a miscarriage I asked him if I could leave early he said no,I've never forgave him for that and wish the worst on him sorry but that's how I feel,
  8. I'm from halfway I'm 50 now I can remember halfway house pub,my grandad used to take me, Can anyone remember the abattoir on station road it was where the car park is for the tram stop,
  9. Give me a call i may be able to help 07968950051 sgs travel
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