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  1. what basement, i asked my friend about it and he said when he went there was the church bit and a hall under it. he didnt say anything about a basement????
  2. Me and my friend was walking past St.Hildas church on windmill lane the other day and was wondering why it shut down in 2005. He was christened there and I've been told people use to go in the basement when there were bombings years ago...does anyone know anything about the church? I have no life and am uite interested thank you
  3. The problem with Geldof is that he generally releases a book after every charity gig he does.The image he sends out by doing this turns whatshould be a great idea into the Bob Geldof self promoting roadshow.Like people said earlier the richer and more famous they become seems to over inflate there already massive egos.Sting is another example of the same thing but saving lives is the aim and if putting up with these walking egos then so be it.
  4. Anyone know about 'new' ska bands today? I've got to write an essay whilst I'm on work experience either on Ska, Northern Soul or Jarvis Cocker...... Thanks
  5. I'm assuming you lot over 40 look as good as Weller now
  6. My brother met Eye ball Paul and he snuck him in to meet Liam and Noel
  7. I've been saying this for weeks! No one else agreed....
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