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  1. Does make you wonder why a man with celebrity status needed to go to such lengths to get laid when most women would have consented anyways?
  2. Yep, its terrible on our road. Various households bring the firms van home, then have a motor home on the drive, then two cars across the mouth of the drive. there's quite a few on the road like that.
  3. It's a big issue on our road. Almost every house has a drive way, then each household fills the drive with two cars, then another two on the pavement as well. The road is that narrow and there's that many cars that to logistically park them and sustain access to moving vehicles they have to park on the pavement. One of my neighbour was parking an old Landrover and trailer across the front of his drive over the public footpath forcing pedestrians into the road. However, if he'd not parked it there then other vehicles would have been left without parking. Parking has got that bad on my road, at one time no body would park under the massive tree because of bird poo. Now its become premium parking, the poo is a non optional extra.
  4. Had a guy up S6 Hillsborough claiming he'd been painting the exterior of a local house and had some paint left. Would I want my rendering patching up, would only take a few hours? Though he was wearing overalls covered in paint, I could not see his company vehicle or had any knowledge of anyone on the street having work done. He didn't understand any part of the simple word - NO!!!
  5. Barracks seems to only do stuff Fridays & Saturdays. I'd drive down to White Lion, but don't really want to be sat there with orange juice. Thanks for your suggestions anyways. Sorry for been hard to please.
  6. Too far away pal. No direct bus and expensive in taxis. Plus Lion is a real ale pub. Can't really stomach the stuff without feeling ill. has to be Hillsborough side or town. But not West Street Live or Mulberry as they're a like drinking in cannon. Not Fagins as you can only take so much folk music and irish jigs. Plus its a bit scruffy.
  7. Any venues putting on midweek cover bands? I don't mean the venues that try to put on 10 amateur bands in one evening. I've been in such venues I you spend most of your drinking time watching teenagers dismantle/setup equipment just to play their own stuff that isn't up to scratch. Got to be a good rock or blues cover band. I work weekends so miss all the good stuff.
  8. Bessimer will have a soul day on probably Sunday.
  9. I can't see the coronations? How does teaching kids how to fight keep them on the straight and narrow? Most solders who learn how to fight/shoot weapons then want to do it in the field. So civilians learning a fighting art/sport may be tempted to use it for street fighting, defending themselves whilst committing crime etc.
  10. He might be the replacement for Sir Ken Dodd. Borris would probably exploit those diddy men in the jam butty mines.
  11. Don't use a cut throat or you won't have the balls lol
  12. Universal Credit means someone on benefits will have the responsibility to pay the same amount as an in work person. Apart from the delay in claims, their should be no difference between how a bad tenant won't pay. In or out of work people have money issues and upside down priorities. Bad tenant debtors come from all backgrounds.
  13. Credit checks and referencing mean nothing, as useful as a DBS check. You can't always predict a good/bad tenant. Over 50% of tenants in Sheffield receive housing benefit with their in/out of work benefits. thats a hell of a lot of people. Only a small percentage of them are bad tenants. Just like those with an income to afford the full rent payment.
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