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  1. wasn't there one on West Street in the 50/60s, too young to go myself.
  2. I bought mine at the Cathedral bookshop
  3. I'd say you were pretty brave to go to Nigeria and for 30 years. Where were you living? If you send me a private message we can chat on the phone. Do you remember Josie Goddard (top of Bates Street)? Hillsborough on this forum found her address for me (he's marvellous at it), but I haven't had a reply from her either. Have you had any contact with others from school? I myself often wish I hadn't left home, missed out on all the family things such as weddings, etc. Plane fares were so expensive at that time and phoning was only for emergencies. Only contact were letters. Must have been much harder for you.
  4. Hi Vivienne,I saw your message some years ago on FU, but it was ages later so you probably didn't see my reply. Margaret went to Palestine I think and before that to Ukrain and I've phoned and written but no reply. Seems so funny because she always was the one to write first, but we always sent cards, but now nothing! I went to Switzerland also in the 60s just for a couple of months, but stayed here. I'm well too, except the same as you, best of intentions, but can't manage it. Where do you live now in England? Back in Sheffield?
  5. Hello Vivienne, Lovely to hear from you. I haven't heard from Margaret for a few years. We used to send cards, but she seems to have disappeared. I saw Pauline a few years ago outside Morrisons when I was in England, wish I'd asked for her email address, but didn't think at the time. Hope you are keeping well. Louise
  6. Must have been St Aiden's top of City Road. Not a knockout, just used my Mum's pancake (makeup) and soot mixed with Nivea for eye makeup. You asked if I was 'sliding snake'. Never forgotten that! Could have been someone else though!
  7. What, a sailor? I'll be waiting for the next instalment. I knew you were able to write as I said a couple of years ago. It's fascinating and I've had many a laugh. A lot's happened since the black haired youth in the blue teddy boy jacket and drainpipes asked me to dance!
  8. Rest in peace Joe. You gave so much pleasure to so many people.
  9. Just come over to england and staying with my mum. Walking up Hillsborough when we noticed the shopkeepers closing their shutters. I thought they are closing early today when the ambulances started to go back and forth. Mum said we'd better turn back. I should have gone to see my Dad that evening on the other side of town, but she said you're not going through town tonight so I caught the circular bus. it was a terrible tragedy, especially for the families concerned.
  10. Nivea cream Yardleys lipstick Rest cover girl There used to be a shampoo in one bottle, but divided in yellow and blue parts, but i can't remember the name. Otherwise, used my mum's cosmetics so as she didn't notice. In the beginning i used soot mixed with nivea for mascara till i had money to buy some. Norman hartnell perfume, but that was a present.
  11. Hello skyrocket, i wasn't at Cherrytree either, but i was wondering where you live in switzerland. I live just outside Lucerne.
  12. Thanks hillsbro, it was the older one. I shall write to her tomorrow. You're absolutely marvellous.
  13. Does anyone know josie goddard of bates street. Lost touch with her ages ago and i know she married, but i don't know her married name. Josie worked for m&s at some time. I'd love to get in contact with her. Can anyone help?
  14. I seem to remember hanging around the dodgems just to listen to elvis presley. I lived on granville road so just had to climb the wall. There was another funfare somewhere in sheffield earlier on, but i can't remember where. Great times, although i didn't have the money for the rides.
  15. Great reading, cuttsie's also a great storyteller. Been waiting for something from him for ages! ---------- Post added 30-06-2013 at 11:26 ---------- The sins of the parents! ---------- Post added 30-06-2013 at 17:19 ---------- I'm guessing he's living or has lived in Germany, possibly Southern Germany or some other German speaking country. Can't wait for more of his episodes. Did older Zakes at sometime leave the country?
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