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  1. South Yorkshire ducting on burton road could do it
  2. I could get you some galvanised mesh.25 mm holes 5 mm thick or some thinner mesh with 15mm holes would that be any good.?
  3. Yes a fantastic effort by everyone involved.had a great day love the new football and basket ball court .
  4. Good idea cable ties,just remember to leave something in the car to cut them off if you get a flat tyre.
  5. I can not believe someone as stolen my wheel trims.why would they do that ,are they going to sell them,if so would it be at a car boot or eBay.
  6. Vetal not a racer ,you must be joking ! That's why he ignored team orders why should he just sit back ,ok I no team orders blah blah blah webber should have grown some ******** and got the lead back.
  7. H o l I d a y s .... Are next week tomorrow is a teacher trainer day are you telling me teachers need a week off
  8. I just do not get teacher trainer days kids are off all next week why can't teachers come in next week for training but no lets shut school on Friday that's a good idea
  9. I am looking for a good gymnastics club for my daughter I live near dronfield so was wondering if anyone goes and could tell my if it is any good
  10. I will be telling him not to clean my windows anymore when I see him if I see bet I see him when I owe over £100 think that's the problem if I am not in don't clean them don't even think he cleans the back windows
  11. Just had my windows clean again that's 22 pound I owe now I never asked for them to be clean he never comes to collect money on a regular basis so the money adds up.he charges £5.50 my houses is a regular semi 3 windows on front and 4 on back. Is that a fair price £5.50 I was thinking it takes what 20 minute to clean my windows so that's £16.50 a hour he is on and I bet he pays the tax he should
  12. Yes I got to work because if I didnt I would not get paid unlike teachers who get paid when they are off..........so I wonder how much effort they make to get the schools open
  13. i would say my top 5 would be exorsist , paranormal activity 1 and 2 ,blair whitch project ,halloween,and friday 13th i like the saw films and hostel but would not say they are scary
  14. the bin men today are a joke cant empty it its to heavy,cant empty it its not near the road,cant empty it its lid is up 20odd pound a hour to walk up and down a road
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