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  1. I won't be booking your services if you just tell clients to calm down!
  2. Lying implies deception. Made a promise that he did not keep is more appropriate.
  3. People on this thread are ranting at Clegg's lies, yet they haven't come up with any. If they can't state what the lies are then they really need to move on and find another argument.
  4. All you've done is link to two videos on tuition fees. Calling it a lie implies that Clegg falsely duped people into voting for the Lib Dems and had every intention of raising the fees. Had the Lib Dems won the election then I am sure he would have found a way to honour his pledge (although it would have been at the expense of other things). Bottom line is more poorer students are going to University these days. But nobody yet has provided anymore examples of Clegg lying.
  5. So what you are saying is that based on the tuition fees fiasco, you have classed him as a liar in everything that he does? Based on this the entire Labour party are dishonest, after their tuition fees lies and broken promises. ---------- Post added 02-05-2015 at 21:41 ---------- Ed Milliband last Thursday - we didn't overspend. Now that is lying. ---------- Post added 02-05-2015 at 21:45 ---------- Quote from someone wrong? You have serious issues! You must be a good stress consulter telling clients they are wrong! There is a picture of Ed Milliband holding up The Sun with a massive grin on his face. Search for it.
  6. Have you come up with your 3 dishonesty examples yet?
  7. No, three separate examples of when he has been dishonest. You can include tuition fees as number 1 if you want. Two more examples needed. Calling someone dishonest implicates they have lied on more than one occasion. ---------- Post added 02-05-2015 at 20:56 ---------- Very clear who is telling the truth here. Milliband could not even stand up to a middle aged woman from Leeds. And she was sat down.
  8. Rubbish. This was the tweet from Murdoch in response to Milliband mentioning him in a debate: Thanks for 2 mentions, Ed Miliband. Only met once for all of 2 minutes when you embarrassed me with over the top flattery.
  9. How many times has he u-turned on things? How does he have a track record?
  10. Clegg was on the TV and in the press with the statement - the Lib Dems would give a heart to the Conservatives and a brain to the Labour party. This can't be disputed, it happened and has gone on record.
  11. Milliband boasted of how he stood up to Murdoch. Murdoch as quick as a flash tweeted that Milliband had only ever met him for 2 minutes, during which Milliband lavished him with praise.
  12. It is good to see that you are starting to move on from the tosh you were spouting before that the Lib Dems would not work with Labour, but you still have some progress to make. The Lib Dems are prepared to work with Labour, it has been stated by Clegg that they would give a Labour government a brain (he may want to extend that offer to their supporters, so stay in line). ---------- Post added 02-05-2015 at 15:15 ---------- They made up their own story and plastered on here as fact.
  13. The problem is that people have too much choice. Politics was just 3 parties, and the Monster Raving Loony Party. Politics has got out of hand with too many parties standing for different things. People follow other people and sometimes vote for a smaller party because it is something different, or they dislike the main parties. People also are worried about what people will say - some will not vote Tory because they are worried their friends will call them posh, or of they vote UKIP that they will be called racist - unaware that the vote in secret and they do not need to tell anyone outside the polling station who they voted for.
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