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  1. Hi i have recently purchased a detached house and would like the chimney taking out please can anyone recommend anyone who can do this job please
  2. Hi, im also looking for recommendations and advice finding a good builder or building company to come and price up and remove the chimney stack and chimney breasts in my detached property in Sheffield Thank you 😊
  3. Can anybody recommend any structural engineers please
  4. It took 4 years and 15k wow 😮. Just make sure if anyone is buying a house that the leaseholder/ freeholder is not with coppen estates. Best to buy a free hold property.
  5. Yes you should get some legal advice and seek a Solictor to purchase the freehold for your property it could be very expensive as its only got 60 years left the golden rule is to never let it go below 80years. Look for Mr Jeffrey Shaw on this forum he is a Lease specialist Solictor and is a moderator on this forum. ( i just hope your lease holders are not coppen estates )
  6. Sell the house and move somewhere with no trees were you will get sunlight
  7. It was in pitsmoor Sheffield s4 Earl Marshal Road, Sheffield http://www.rightmove.co.uk/property-for-sale/property-68436103.html
  8. Missed out on another house 🏠 another sealed bidding process. To cut a long story short A house came on the market £250k I offered full asking price. Lots of interest so went to best and final bids ( here we go again ) I phoned in at 11:55 and bids were closing at 12:00. The agent told me the highest bid was £281k ( should not have told me don’t know why she did) so I offered £283k, she said that was the best and highest bid and she has now closed the bidding and will not be taking no more bids and will be speaking to the vendor this afternoon for a decision on the house. I phoned back at 1pm and the agent confirmed nothing had changed and that my bid was the best and highest offer and she did not take anymore bids and will soon be speaking with the vendor. I thought 💭 the house is as good as mine. Got a phone call from estate agent at 4pm sorry 😐 sir you did not get the house. Your cash offer of £283k was not good enough??? Can someone please explain what has happened here ( I already know brown envelope ✉️ job i am certain )
  9. Today my offer of £22k above the asking price for a house was not successful in this sealed bids method. The estate agent phoned me and said your offer at this time was not successful. So i said I will match the highest offer and beat it by £10k. But the agent said sorry but I cannot accept your offer now. Would the vendor be happy? If they knew this? Sorry don’t agree with sealed bids. Might as well put the house in a auction best and fairest way.
  10. There’s a big difference buying something on ebay from £1-to maybe a few hundred pounds. Than buying a house we’re we talking £250k +
  11. Why it’s unfair is because they will not tell you what the highest bid is. Its final seled bids so if someone has bid £265k and you bid £300k you have paid £35k more for no reason. I would rather the estate agent disclose the best offers. This is why its not fair because its blind bidding
  12. I am currently in this situation. We have seen a house we like offered the full asking price £250k but there was a lot of interest in the property and now its gone to final sealed bids. The last disclosed bid is currently at £260k ....... what do you bid to ???? I don’t like this system of sealed bids I think it’s very unfair I would rather buy from a auction at least that way you know were you stand.
  13. Congratulations and Well done. I wish my Solicotor had gone down this route. We have been waiting for over 6-7 months now and no reply I think I will be using a new Solictor me thinks. ---------- Post added 21-09-2018 at 17:03 ---------- John Rhodes 01612128533
  14. https://www.freeholdcalculator.com/freehold_simple.php
  15. Yes you have to have lived there for at least 2 years
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