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  1. hi dave this is ricky freds son got some questions from fred for u . if the eric you refer to kirton as my cousen hes not but if he had a stutter and worked in a abattoir in 63-64 then that was my mate . do you know this spuds full name? the spud i knew was david murphy does that match he worked with me at john bedfords rolling mills. got some names of class mates to help make a match...margert myers/ margret baines/ann hepworth/donald athey/neil ramsded. ps. please tell me more about your uncle. ask any questions please
  2. its david murphy im looking for acctualy.dont know anyone on that page sorry
  3. yes yes yes he was my best best mate iv'e been trying to fined him any info would be incredible
  4. tther were twins .serson's one drowned saving the other.also a lad called hepworth
  5. im 56 but ur name does ring a bell sort of
  6. hi dave i dont really reconise your name but do now the head master and the kemps.do you now me?i was head prefect.1962 or 63.
  7. hi dave my names ricky ive posted this on behalf of my dad i will contact him tomoro and have him reply u in the afternoon:thumbsup:
  8. my name is fred green and im'e looking for any old mates
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