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  1. Can't say I've noticed a lack of slime on Bream with spawning spots. Is there any other reason to cause fish to have rough skin or scales with no mucus ?
  2. The Roach in the Fortyfoot had black spots in the 90s the chap in the tackle shop in Boston told me it was a parasite so you're right chidorii.
  3. I fished a reasonably shallow swim yesterday with a light elastic and perhaps 1 in 5 skimmers went airborne, I think they do it just to throw the hook it seems the more they're hooked the more they do it.
  4. Well to say almost as important as droppers is perhaps not quite right as they do a totally different job. But a bulk of back shot especially in the margin helps to keep the rig stable, I picked this up a few years ago at Lindholme earwigging a couple of anglers who were having a days coaching, don't know who the coach was but I thought he knew his stuff. I also use a back shot down on the eye of the float to dot the bristle right down, this shot can be slid up the line from the float if wind gets up to show more bristle. Bearing in mind I spend most of my time fishing for silvers if I'm not in the margin.
  5. Do you not use back shot in the margin then animal. ---------- Post added 22-04-2014 at 16:15 ----------
  6. It's fly or worm only Jon for Trout on rivers until June. It's just lobworms being his usual idiotic self.
  7. I never bothered with the canal strips so couldn't say, last time I was over there I fished West End, that fished ok with worm/caster had a decent day. Have you checked if they are matched?
  8. So do you use back shot as far as I'm concerned I will never fish a pole rig without them.
  9. Do you know mate I have a permit for KJS but only fish at Aston, last time I fished over there was before the Snake at Aston was built. If you fancy a change have you fished Sidefarm on Laughton Common, loads of fish only a shallow venue but does fish well.
  10. Unfortunately I have a commitment wedne (no sorry can't do it) and friday is too close to the charity match, I could only manage one or the other, will you be fishing the match?
  11. Here's a full report, I stayed at home when I saw the constant rain this morning.
  12. I'm off tomorrow and expecting a few Crucians and Skimmers.
  13. If you wait for a bit warmer temperatures you will miss out on a lot of fishing. average temperatures through this week are around 8 degrees at night the fish will be back having a go.
  14. A match on the snake was won with 70 something lbs last tuesday with plenty of decent back ups. Worm and caster second expander over micros on the pegs up the middle. Thursday onward it got nippy at night.
  15. Don't think anything is going off, toward the of last week the nights especially were cold and fish prefer settled water temps. The pond at Aston I've fished for the last 5 to 6 weeks has fished very well but didn't fish it after wednes "you get the idea can't bring myself to finish that word" I always start feeding frugally in spring to see what happens it also helps me if I fish smaller hooks and lighter hook lengths or less feed in the feeder, perhaps even try a bomb. I know the bomb is a normal winter tactic but my idea is feed less until they start to feed. You can always up it if you get indications.
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