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  1. Thanks for the suggestions, might try Embrace. Ive not been in since the Kingdom days! I hope its an improvement!
  2. Hi all, I havent been in Sheffield for a few years so dont know what the clubbing scene is like nowadays. I'm planning to go out in Sheffield on 6th Dec with a few friends. What is the best Nightclub to go to on a Sat night with relatively cheap drinks and good music? Anything from RnB/Dance/Chart etc Thanks all in Advance x
  3. I went to a beauty salon in Harrogate as i dont live in sheffield anymore.But u can find the nearest salon that does these contour wraps on this link http://www.universalcontourwrap.co.uk One session should cost around £50, but for best results a course of 3 wraps is recommended. Each wrap lasts around 2 hours. They measure u before they wrap you and after to see what results come out. I was quite impressed. My mum had one done too but she only lost 4 inches. They gurantee at least 6 inches lost or they give you the next wrap free. SO mum has a free session next week.
  4. Ooh Just been for my wrap this morning and i lost 8 and a half inches all round, not bad eh. Going for a second session next week and hopefully lose some more inches ready for my hol in 2 weeks time!
  5. Universal contour wraps.... Anyone had a session and do they work? Me and mum are going to our first session next week.
  6. Im on at silly hours because im Working In Hong Kong! its where u guys are supossidly sleeping while im hard grafting at work :-P
  7. Anyone interested in a single train ticket going from Leeds at 13.05 arriving in London Kings Cross at 15.42 on Tues 7th November? Not wanted due to someone giving me a lift down instead. Giving it away for free..... If anyone is interested let me know
  8. Ive been warned not to go to parts of the middle east due to high levels of terror threats, me and my partner were thinking of going there but advised not to, so going elsewhere instead......just be careful!
  9. Just to pull this thread back up. ANy clubs open monday nights?
  10. Ive been to the maldives on 2 occasions. The one i enjoyed most was Paradise Island which was beautiful. this was all inclusive, food was nice too. Lots to do like snorkelling, massages, gym, scuba diving etc. http://www.innermaldives.com/resorts/paradise.html lovely resort, would like to go back again. 1 week is sufficient but if u want to relax more 2 weeks is good
  11. You enjoy your uni life at hallam, ive been there for the past 4 years and ive absolutly enjoyed every minute of it while i was there... so wish i was back this year!
  12. lol by cheap....i thought u meant like 200 or so!
  13. lol ohhh! yeah i think i missed that bit.... lol i just feel sorry for the poor guy! But in sayin that..i love pandas! so cute! but i dont think he would fit in that category
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