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  1. We've strayed too far from family values i'm afraid, that's the problem. Mother in the kitchen, the heart of the home, home maker, support system, the backbone and pillar of the family. As a child, you always knew where Mother was and no matter how dirty your wellington boots became she would just smile and put down some newspaper whilst she served up a hearty meal at the kitchen table, or maybe a few of her home baked treats. A dowdy cook "chained" to the kitchen sink she was not, an apron simply protected her fine clothes. Father the worker, the breadwinner, the hunter, the gatherer. We had respect for our Father, we admired him and appreciated what he did for us. He left for the office at 6am and didn't return until 7.30pm. He went out into the world every day and fought the good fight. He ran the family company and earned far more than we could ever need. Not only that but he taught me the most important rule of life. He would say to me regularly, my Son, never forget, it is better to earn an absolute crap ton of money than... to not. Wise wise words I think you'll agree that I never forgot. He also taught me that a rich man and a poor man have exactly the same amount of hours in the day. So being rich or poor is actually a choice. This post inspired me to phone my mother. She answered the phone, "hello darling, sorry, I took a while to answer the phone, I was baking in the kitchen", to which I replied, I know you were. Family values you see folks, we need to get back to basics and all will be well again.
  2. Of course I am. And when they were, EVERYONE was a lot happier and better off. Feminism gone mad. That's the problem today and we are all paying for it in one way or another. Back to basics. That's the ticket.
  3. No Mister M. It's very simple. How many men come home from a hard days work nowadays only to find that dinner is not on the table. It's time women went back to basics and got their priorities straight.
  4. How can any of you even concentrate to make a logo! Don't you realise Santa will be here in 23 days. I literally can't contain myself. Every year I try to pretend that I'm not excited but I really really am. Isn't Christmas just the best time of the year.
  5. This attitude is the problem in this country. An employer doesn't owe their staff a living or a Christmas. They should think themselves lucky to even have a job that pays them anything let alone a "minimum" wage. Anyone taking time off at Christmas should not be paid for it. Christmas is a total pi$$ take of those who are good enough to employ others.
  6. Tell me, why do you think it is ok to steal from your bosses every December just because it is Christmas? You want time off at Christmas but you still want paying for it. I call that theft and at any other time of the year that's exactly what it would be. Christmas has a very nasty habit of keeping men from doing business.
  7. But therein lies the problem. This is rarely how it plays out with both parties happy with their role and the overall deal. One of the parties usually gets bored of the other and decides it isn't what they want anymore and they don't feel like sticking to the arrangement for all eternity, or directly after the children are born. As there wasn't any real love holding them together in the first place, it's easy to change your mind isn't it. Either the gold digger wants her big payoff now rather than later or the rich man finds an even sexier play thing and wants rid of the first. I have only ever known real life cases of the bloke losing heavily in this type of scenario, never the other way round.
  8. Exactly. And it also works the other way round. Just the other day I walked past a couple holding hands. He was a decent looking bloke, she had a face like a bulldog, but a 36hh chest. I found myself thinking, fair play.
  9. No I'm not missing the point and that's not a good example. A more logical example would be, Man A who is worth £10 Million self made. Man B who is worth £10 Million inherited. She would go for Man B of course. Because every gold digger worth her salt knows that the self made ones are tight with their cash because they understand the value of money. How a man is wealthy means nothing to the self respecting gold digger, she cares more that he will spend it on her and fulfil her ridiculous needs. And any rich man worth his salt knows that there is literally no end to the amount of money a woman can go through. This is why a woman can have a closet just for shoes and handbags. They want 700 pairs of shoes because they are shiny. These types of women make me laugh so much. ---------- Post added 27-11-2013 at 13:59 ---------- Which he is fine with, after all, he got years of happiness out of her. It's all about being happy right. She made him happy because she was so hot. Then she gave him beautiful children. When they stopped having sex she turned a blind eye to his sexy mistresses. She deserves her payoff. He's cool with that.
  10. You're missing the point Poppet, there is no need for a test, of course she wouldn't hang around, he already knows that. Besides, an astute gold digger won't even hang around until he goes bankrupt, she will see it coming a long time before and be out of it with as much as possible before that happens. Give the gold diggers a lot more credit please. They are far from stupid when it comes to the state of her husbands finances. ---------- Post added 27-11-2013 at 13:45 ---------- You are so cute poppet. Lets say some ugly dude is dating a perfect 10 who only wants him for his money, do you think he cares when she is naked in his bed. He is clapping his hands and jumping for joy. Real love from a 5 or fake love and amazing sex from a perfect 10. It's a no brainer. We are men, love goes out the window when a perfect 10 is stood in our bedroom wearing nothing but stockings and a smile.
  11. The money IS the key factor and IS exactly what she is attracted to, anything else that she likes about that guy is almost irrelevant and certainly of no consequence either way. Lets be real if we're going to discuss it.
  12. Rich men don't really have to pull beautiful women though do they. A certain type of beautiful women is simply attracted to the rich man and does something about it, he just decides whether or not he can be bothered to take her home. The rich man has all the power until he makes the massive mistake of putting a ring on her finger. Then it's all pretty much over for the guy if he's punching above his weight. But, if he can afford the guaranteed financial hit down the road and wants a bunch of kids, up to him I guess. Whatever makes you happy init. I've always found it odd that people really think that the guy doesn't know that the model is only with him for his money. Of course he knows, he just doesn't give a damn because he's enjoying her every night and she'll make a great mother and hopefully gorgeous children. It's a fair trade off for the rich guy if done properly. And as time passes and the old girl ages, you keep her happy and then get a mistress or few. I don't see the problem.
  13. But this would miss the whole point of betting shop placement. They put them in an area which they believe is a dense population of zombies who will happen to walk past in their own back yard and not be able to resist the temptation. Can't expect zombies to travel or think in advance. zombie walks past shop. Suddenly stops in his tracks... must.. have .... bet must... play... FOBT
  14. I'm not a believer but I am a Belieber. Does that count?
  15. Common sense should tell you I was on vacation at her forum majesties pleasure.
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