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  1. Does anyone know where I can get a mobile phone repaired in S8 please?
  2. But you could say that about anything if a dress is £150.00 has a £150.00 of labour material gone into making that dress ?
  3. What I was saying is that they try and find fault when there isnt any. example:- a scratch on the wooden floor which was not by the builder but they want a new floor. another example:- colour of roof tiles agreed before they are put on with the customer and when they are on he decides he dosent like them and wants them changed free of charge. (In this case we knocked it of the bill as we needed the money to move onto the next job as to date he has still not changed the roof tiles)
  4. It does sound a bit off, but all these tv shows about rogue builders are getting a bit daft. I wish they would do one about rogue customers who when you get to the end of the job find faults just so they dont have to pay. That is probably why now builders are asking for money upfront. But I would always say go with a builder that has been recommended.
  5. Ive heard that there is a company that do an insurance like as a pay as you go so if they only do so many miles they only get charged that.
  6. My husband is a builder and they have never asked for money upfront from any of there customers.
  7. well the land lady went to sherwood forest with her metal detecator and found a bomb and brought it home trying to knock the rust of it all week and her daughters boyfriend (who is in the army said that is a bomb) so they called the bomb squad in
  8. I cycled round the Lady Bower yesterday and i wondered how far it is, does anyone know? we left from where the car park and cafe is and came back to it after passing the two waterfalls
  9. I think your right to block it an, as why should they park on your drive. where are you?
  10. there is a big fire van outside my house with a satalite dish on the top, what would it be doing?
  11. Where can I book a minibus for tonight to Dronfield?
  12. andy lindores is good but i am not sure if he will be able to do them for sunday here is here number anyway 07717765113. hope he can help.
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