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  1. She probably swings both ways on the fun scene that's all. Lots of people do.
  2. eating out in Derbyshire tonight. I know funny thread, just got interested in the conversations because my ex was boring, i cooked, cleaned and spent all my money on the bills.... then i found out that while he was boring with me he had been seeing the next door neighbour for two years, he wasnt so boring with her! So thats why i just moved back to Sheffield which is where i am from. Hard starting again tho. Oh well, you live and learn. Life goes on!
  3. My friend has been cheated on, big time. Been with her partner for a few years and hes been seeing someone else, dont know why she is really nice and has looked after him. Anyway, we [work staff] would like to take her out for a meal and have a natter, she is really low, dont believe in herself after what happened, dont even want to come out, but i think we need to get bher out of the house!! Dont want to drive ibnto the city and do the parking bit, any ideas anyone for somewhere cheap, cheerful and you can have a natter to put her back on the road?? I'm pretty new to Sheff, lived in leeds for last 10 years, workmates, two of em have suggested going up abbeydale road for an indian????
  4. Came on here to see if anyone knew any good eat out places that werent in city centre. Moved here in Stannington not long ago. Read your posts and felt a bit sorry your man sounds awefull!! Why dont you just tell him to leave or leave yourself and move on. Sounds like you couldnt be any worse off!! Are you afraid to leave him? Anyway.... anyone know any good restaurants/pubs for a friday night meal anybody? cheap and cheerful would be good Cheers
  5. Sounds to me like your man isn't very interested in you. If a man fancies or loves his wife/partner, he's in there!! Ask any woman who is loved. You sure your man hasn't got another woman on his mind? Might be the problem. I should ask him. Sounds like hes not bothered about you at all to me.
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