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  1. Planner 1, now that Bradley-St has explained what I believe you should have known, will you instruct the landowner that he must now open the public right of way at the top of the station approach? If this right of way is available I can see no reason for clearing and reopening the path at Carrwell Lane which Michael Hanson is now telling me never existed. These links clearly show the path:- http://www.britainfromabove.org.uk/download/EAW021907 http://www.britainfromabove.org.uk/download/EAW021909
  2. Removing the obstructions would be a bit difficult due the path at this point being fenced at both sides and quite narrow. It is the councils obligation anyway, please email them at :- Michael.Hanson@sheffield.gov.uk and let them know you care. ---------- Post added 25-02-2016 at 17:09 ---------- In my latest email to Mr Hanson I asked if they had seen any evidence that the station approach was only accessible with the owners permission as Mr Hague had insisted, this is the reply:- "We were aware that the approach road and the adjacent land had been sold by Railways several years ago and whilst in discussions regarding the path it was sold again to Mr Hague. When we held discussions with Mr Hague he advised us that he was the new land owner and he would not allow the public to walk over his land. We had no reason to question his statement as he was clearly using the land at the time. The previous land owner was the one who originally blocked the end of the path to stop people using it as a through route." It would seem that it is now Mr Hague who decides and tells the council who can use public rights of way!!!!!!!!
  3. I am getting little to no response from the council on this, it seems they are more concerned with the landowners demands than the law or the rights of the public. They have not answered any questions about where the information came from that access to the station approach is by the landowners permission only, my guess it came from the landowner and they have not checked, I am waiting to hear from Network rail and the land register before deciding which coarse to take next. Has anyone else written to the council? chriscalcite, I have also been to look at the Claywheels Lane end and what they have done is deliberate obstruction.
  4. On the old maps they were marked FP, footpath. When the chapel was for sale last year I went to look with a view to buying, the Sheffield council public footpath sign was still there then but above the chapel not below it as it is shown on that map.
  5. I have found this link that shows the path in the 1950's although Carrwell Lane has shrunk since then, I have copies of later maps that show the path but I'm struggling to get a link sorted. http://www.sheffieldhistory.co.uk/forums/uploads/monthly_09_2008/post-188-1220869256.jpg
  6. Yes I see your point, it continues across Penistone Rd, I have earlier maps where it is very clearly marked, I can assure you it does exist. Is it possible to copy and paste a picture on here?
  7. It is clearly marked with a black dotted line, there was a public footpath sign there up until recently, I have spoken to the council dept about it before and they acknowledged it's existence but told me at the time it would be hard work to clear it and they would prefer to open the entrance at the top of the station approach, but now they are not doing that it would seem this path is the only other option.
  8. If you look on the OS map where it says WADSLEY BRIDGE in large letter over the Fletchers site, the path starts under the e in bridge and continues up through the top of the s in wadsley.
  9. I also have just written a polite letter asking if they NR could clear up the access question. I still have had no reply from the council concerning the path at the side of the chapel, the path starts just passed the war memorial at the top of Carrwell Lane then runs around the base of the mound that the steel stockholders are on and up the bank behind there to join the main footpath through the sidings, it is a bit difficult to see on the OS map as they have printed WADSLEY BRIDGE over it. If anyone else is interested in opening this path they should write to :- Michael.Hanson@sheffield.gov.uk
  10. I have asked the council where they got the information from and again about the other route to the path beside the old chapel of rest and am awaiting a reply, I have also sent for a copy of the deeds for the station approach and I have also written to Network rail to see if they can clear this up. I think if enough people ask for the path at the side of the old chapel of rest to be cleared and reopened the landowner and the council will realise it would be easier all round to open the station approach.
  11. I have received the same letter more or less word for word from the council as chriscalcite, I do not understand how a landowner can restrict access to a public footpath surely this is illegal, there is another path that joins this one, it starts or finishes next to the old chapel of rest building behind the bottom of John Fairest's car park, this has recently been fenced off I would have thought that was illegal, although I have mentioned this path to the council they have ignored the subject so far, I do not intend to let this drop without a fight!! "chriscalcite" did the council tell you where they got the information that the station approach is only usable with permission of the landowner?
  12. That is a great site craigmason, I never thought I would see the day. I now have a better understanding of the necessity of the work.
  13. We are usually treated to an artists impression of the finished job, is there one available for this work? Mr Hicks I am no expert either but I was told by someone of the Haggis hills that the salmon need to rest often on there way upstream, I would have thought that the deep pools at the base of the weirs would be ideal for this. The fact that these weirs have only recently started to need repair is a credit to our forefathers skill and I think should be preserved where possible. I have never heard of anyone catching Eels in our stretch of the Don but I know they are endangered so maybe there is a case for them. There are the remains of an old cobbled ford that crossed the Don behind the Steel works further upstream all but 10% is still in great condition this is around two hundred years old and the oak beams are still in place on the downstream side with the holes still visible that a safety fence must have sat in. 50 yards further up stream remains of an even older ford can be seen at low water this is made of large stone slabs though not cobbles. All a credit to our past men of steel (and stone).
  14. Isn't it about time our historic weirs were listed and maintained, I have fished for salmon in Scotland for many years and have seen them jump twice the height of any of the weirs on the Don, I also saw the signs that are nailed to a tree in Beeley wood this morning, there is some damage to the weir bur it could be repaired, there is also a notice to the land owner, does anyone know who this is I thought it was the council!!
  15. Thank you for your responses, I have written to the Sheffield ramblers. I have also received a reply from the council trying to fob me off by telling me I have written to the wrong department as the path is an adopted highway, it is clearly marked on OS maps as a public footpath.
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