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  1. I was in Town on Friday and saw a band playing on the back of a truck on fargate but didn't catch there name I wondered if anyone had it as they were quite good. Apparently they were stopping all over ther center playing at different places?
  2. If you like a bit of fast n dirty post punk /alt rock get your ass down to Cafe Totum on Sunday the 12th May at 7pm. The Sickboy Method will be ripping the <removed> out of the place in there own inimitable style.
  3. If you like post punk played with energy that's raw like it should be get your arse down to West St Live on the 9th of April to see 'The Sickboy Method " There local, there raw and there your own! They took the roof of the famous 'Jackaranda" in Liverpool last Saturday night and will be at the "Dublin Castle" in Camden, London at the end of this month. So You lucky Sheffielders get to see em for FREE at WEST ST LIVE 9th April (doors open at 7.30) find them on Facebook for past gig videos
  4. If you like the Arctic Monkeys and the Reytons get your bum down to the 'Green Room' at Devonshire Green tonight at 8pm. "The Sickboy method " is headlining and there not to be missed. if you haven't heard of em you will very soon. you can find them on Facebook "The Sickboy method " miss em now and you will regret it!
  5. South Yorkshire Boat Club based at Great Heck (DN14 OBL) are planning their annual Open Weekend Sat 7th & Sun 8th Sept 2019. Our aim is to showcase our fabulous club with over 300 members plus family and friends attending we also have visiting boat clubs, local villagers and canal and countryside lovers. It is about having family fun. We have lots of stalls with entertainment, food and drink, but we are looking for anyone who maybe interested in having a stall for the weekend for a nominal fee of £20 for the weekend. We are looking for Farmers Market type stalls, artisan food and crafts amongst other things and anything a little bit different! There is no charge for community groups or charities. Places are limited but anyone interested please contact me for more information. It will be a great weekend with hundreds of people attending. Thank you. Mandy Pickard on behalf of SYBC. Email: ampickard@icloud.com
  6. The nightclub was Turn ups the wine bar at the side was called Bloomers
  7. "Chez" Thanks that's a great idea, but the post was originally just to help people who were moving without promoting myself. We had lots of people ringing with terrible stories of when they moved house in the past and I just thought it might help if people knew more what to look out for when selecting a mover and packing there home.
  8. "Chez" That's a great tip about numbering the rooms and putting the same on the boxs it saves removal man having to ask every time and saves time and means you have the right boxs in the right rooms.
  9. "Max" it is true some removal men would go slower when working on an hourly rate but that would be the difference between a "good " company and a "bad" one. A fixed price is great if your going from town to town or to the other side of the country but for a local move it can work out costing much more.
  10. Your stuff wouldn't be insured if it was left on a public road overnight with your goods in the back.
  11. I posted this back in 2011 and after talking to many people over the last couple of months asking questions about moving I thought it time I updated it. 1. Pack as much as possible in boxs, it takes up less space in the lorry and protects your items much more and is quicker to move. (Use brown parcel tape and seal the box,also write on top whats in it.) 2. Put soft items like bedding,towels,ect in black sacks and tie them up. 3. Start Packing the stuff you dont use NOW! you cant start too early. 4. Dont just email a company ring them and speak to them it really helps putting your mind at rest if they can answer your questions in a professional manner. 5. If the removal company are working on an hourly rate (like we do) make sure they can get parked outside,as your packing boxs if possible stack them in a downstairs room, dissconect/diss assemble any items that need it. 6. Dont pack your kettle, its amazing the little extras a cup of coffee will get you! 7. Make sure you tell the movers where to put your furniture as they bring it in so they can put it in place. 8. Keep any important papers (cheque books,passports ect) safe in your car/bag so they can be found asap if needed. 9. Keep any pets out of the way, cats in a cat box,dogs are best left with family or friends. 10. When its all done review the movers on Google, good or bad! to help others. ( check online reviews from well known places such as Google,checkatrade,which,trust pilot) but 1 bad review doesn't make a bad company. 11. Make sure you get email confirmation so you have proof you have made a booking. 12. Ask what size vehicle they will be using and if it's sign written ( having a sign written vehicle is a companies best advert so if they don't, ask why not) 13. Make sure the company has insurance ( don't just take there word for it) website,ivat registered and has a trading address and has a landline/ freephone number Not just a mobile number which help show they are a "real company" not just a fly by night. 14. In bad weather Don't put sheets on stairs ask if the company can supply carpet stick to use as sheets are dangerous and a trip hazard. (There is usually a small charge but cheaper than carpet cleaning) 15. Check access for a lorry at the house your moving from and into things like low branches,wires,narrow lanes and gates might mean a large lorry can't even get close to your home but by telling the company before could make a big difference. Remember: EVERYTHING you own is going in there lorry take cre finding a good removal company and they will take care of your property! Hope this helps Good Luck
  12. Hi if you want to ring or email me I would be glad to offer some advice. You will need to post what size property (2 bed / 3 bed ect) to get any idea of price from anyone.
  13. Having been at the mercy of the legal profession for the last 20odd years while running my removal company I can honestly say that solicitors most of the time are at fault for the delays. We have had customers in tears after booking with us and being packed up ready to go then having "the call" from a solicitor the day before removal saying it has to be postponed. We have even had a customer being called into the office while we are loading the lorry to sign a paper that the solicitor hadn't got them to sign before. For the amount of money that is paid to them, the service should be improved and speeded up. It's the days of email with instant communication so it should be much quicker.
  14. Hi just a warning to anyone wanting to use Facebook adds. A friend has advertised her business on there for around 6 months, I checked the add (as I've done it a few times) when the campaign stopped she thought that was it. She had a weekly limit of £30 and all was fine. But after checking her bank Facebook continued to take £30 every 2 or so days from her debit card for 3 weeks despite the advert not being live. She cancelled her card and rang the bank and the bank wont give Facebook anymore money despite Facebook still trying. She cannot get any of the £200 returned because the bank say it was authorised by her. She has tried to contact Facebook but has found there is no phone number and no direct email for Facebook you can only contact them through the complaints menu which doesn't work. She has contacted the police who have given a crime number but won't do anymore. When she has googled it there seems to be many people who have had the same thing happen to them. So please think carefully before giving Facebook your card details.
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