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  1. headingnorth was handed to me on doorstep we have been paying monthly but got behind on last months payment so was going to pay the amount we owe of on 15th when i get paid
  2. just had a letter handed to me says they have right tocome in at any time to take things asked me to phone at 3.30 pm but after 6 phones call only answer phone never came in the house i informed them going to pay it all on 15th dont have any cash till then says ring me letter says BAILFF REMOVAL PAYMENT DUE IN FULL 24 HOURS i have attended today with intention of removing your goods and chattels as are necessary to discharge the outstanding council tax liability order and any additional ENFORCEMENT COSTS incurred PLEASE NOTE - NO FURTHER ARRANGEMENTS ARE ACCEPTABLE and PAYMENT IS NOW required in full by CLEAR FUNDS ONLY i will re-attend at your address with immediate effect and may REMOVE goods even in your absence . should you wish to avoid this distressing course of action,contact me immediately on the phone number below to arrange promt payment of your debt NO CONTACT WILL BE TAKEN AS YOUR REFUSAL TO PAY BAILIFF IN CHARGE --------------- PHONE ---------------- IF PAYING BY DEBIT CARD THEY WILL BEA CHARGE
  3. anyone have info or pictures on tapton mount blind school on manchester road my nan (louisa bingham (broomhead)was adopted by people who ran/owned it and went on to teach there thanks
  4. yes please originals would be good my mum said my nan told her that twin brothers married twin sisters but doesnt look like were twins just brother and sister so looks like my great nan was louisa (also my nans name)who married george amelia her sister married his brother albert lol still confused
  5. think i found her amelia breeden marrried albert bingham 1912
  6. would love some help info i have louisa bingham b 24 sept 1917-mar 2008 harry broomhead b 1912-dec 1970 they married on 1st oct 1938,her dads name was george albert bingham and her mums maiden name was breeden (maybe spelt breaden) louisa was adopted by the owners of tapton mount blind school when she lost both her parents at an early age,she went onto teach at the school and was married from there thats all i know
  7. im researching mine and my hubbys family trees and have got a fair bit on my dads side,a little bit on hubbys side,but stuck on my mums side i am looking for my nannans parents my nan was born louisa bingham and her dad was called george albert bingham,her mothers maiden name was breedon thats all i can find,my nans parents both died when my nan was young and my nan was adopted by the owners of tapton blind school as she was brought up there and later teached there any help would be appreciated
  8. wouldnt know r,rover landrover old ones transit and some cars???
  9. do it my way car as tax and test and only use it when i need it so tax it 4 the day are two due to having more cars works out cheaper it is on my back garden ((drive)) you can tax a car with one day insurance as well
  10. going to say my back garden as 22 tyres already turned up in two days now told i have to pay to get rid lol they can stay
  11. garage on Effingham Rd, Sheffield S9 just let you know the garage is still there same blokes still work there all night so nothing ever stops as i work nights trying to stop breakins in this area and areas around i get stopped a lot and asked what im doing i drive a marked up car (this was till it blow up 2 weeks ago)i see so many flat bed vans all night and they are not delivering papers most have recycling on them Effingham Rd, Sheffield S9 is one of the most hit areas in sheffield so where r the police show you what i put up with alarm went off i turned up go in building man comes of roof with ladder he pulled down so never so it when i checked round told police they turned up 5 cars check area then one says think hes making it up so we check building out far a false alarm then as quick as turn up there gone 20 mins after had to phone police to ask what i should do with ladder they dropped on road across the street they came and picked it up 1 hour latter
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