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  1. Has the pavement been replaced on your street recently? If so, it's most likely that the resurfacing gang have ripped through the fibreoptic cable. It's happened to four properties on one street, including my next-door neighbour, and Amey/SCC allegedly now owe Virgin £32,000 for Walkley alone. Virgin have actually been pretty good about getting the problems fixed, considering the amount of work this has caused, the fact that Amey/SCC have been less than helpful, and that Virgin are having to liaise with their own tarmac-ing gangs. The Virgin guys on the street are getting a lot of abuse at the moment, and, this time, at least, it's really not their fault.
  2. There's some more background info here: http://www.rmcmedia.co.uk/vibe/movers-and-makers/article/Shouting-about-SHF
  3. For convenience, security and for removing the risk of getting ripped off by bureaux de change, your daughter might want to consider using her usual debit card (or credit card, although they're more expensive) in local ATMs in Turkey. We did this recently in Nepal, with virtually no problem at all (occasionally, a machine didn't recognise the card, but there were plenty of ATMs around, even though Nepal is among the ten least developed countries). My bank charged me 1.5% for foreign exchange, and nothing else.
  4. Update: The total debts of the two companies are £214,990.35, much of it to small local businesses, and even members of staff. The Leeds branch has closed for good, yet the Sheffield branch is still trading, with no break in operations, although, of course, under a different parent company. Related companies, with common directors, are: Nourish Fast Food Ltd. (the new one) Nourish S1 Ltd. (still trading) Nourish Restaurants Ltd. (in administration- commencement of winding up 17th May 2016) Also; Gourmet Sammich Company Ltd. (registered at same address, dissolved by compulsory strike-off 12th April 2016) DBR Holdings Ltd. (registered at same address, active) Walkley Blue Ltd. (same correspondence address, active) Incidentally, one of the directors of Nourish was a director of Sheffield City Centre BID Ltd., but resigned on 15th June 2016.
  5. Be that as it may, their A-board would appear somewhat disingenuous. Sorry, original link was incorrect- now corrected. ---------- Post added 10-05-2016 at 15:03 ---------- Both are dated 5th May.
  6. It would seem that Nourish Restaurants Limited- one branch on Pinstone Street, another on Bond Street, Leeds- will shortly be closing. According to a letter from Bridgewood Financial Solutions Ltd.: "The directors of [Nourish Restaurants Limited], having regard to its financial position, have decided to convene meetings of members and creditors with a view to placing the company into liquidation". I feel particularly sorry for those businesses, many of which will be small, local concerns, which will be owed money by them, and which will be very lucky to receive anything as recompense, as well as their hard-working members of staff, who may yet still be unaware of the situation. As a footnote, the Leeds branch is still advertising for new front-of-house staff. Can this be right?
  7. We used to offer work experience placements, and found it a fun and rewarding experience for all concerned. However, some years ago, the regulations were changed and we had to guarantee that each pupil would work with a minimum of two employees at any time. As a small company, we found this very difficult in practical terms, especially since pupils were often sent out with a driver on delivery runs, and we would have had to suffer the expense of sending an extra employee out on each run simply to act as 'chaperone'. There was also a very low limit of weight of goods that the pupils were permitted to lift. I can understand the thinking behind the regulations, but unfortunately it means that many local small businesses are very reluctant to take anyone on.
  8. This is a good 'un: http://www.rocket01.co.uk/
  9. A couple of days ago, my OH saw a smackrat in town doing exactly this- asking someone for 20p for a bus fare. Each person he asked, the amount went up by 20p, until he'd got a handful of change. She happened to get on the same bus as him, and he had a bus pass!
  10. Any Indian food stores, or health food shops, supermarkets or delis will stock it. If you want it cheap in bulk- kilo or half-kilo- please refer to my signature.
  11. Found at 6.30pm Saturday 11th July on School Road, Crookes, near to the junction with Cobden View Road. Small adult, probably a bitch, looks like a collie cross, mostly brown and black, with white patches. In good health, well trained and affectionate, with distinctive collar and tags, but no contact details; chipped, but chip is 'unallocated'. She is now at the council dog pound on Bower Spring in Sheffield city centre. She(?) will be put up for adoption in ten days if not reunited with owner. ---------- Post added 12-07-2015 at 16:16 ---------- This dog has apparently been reunited with its owner. I like a happy ending.
  12. Would you care to provide some source data for that assertion? Or did you just make it up on the spur of the moment?
  13. Possibly the most facile argument by a cycle-hater I have ever heard. By that token: surely no motorised vehicles on the roads = no accidents involving motorised vehicles on the roads.
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