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  1. I have 3sides of an old wardrobe, all dismantled (back missing. Would they be useful to anyone? I was thinking of allotment holders but anyone is welcome to it. Needs to be moved ASAP.
  2. Cannon hall farm have a great play area. Cycle/explore around ladybower, "activity sheffield" (or something similar) is run by the council, they have lots of activities running in various parks for older children.
  3. As the title says I am trying to contact jimmy of beasham asphalt (sp?). Does anyone know his phone number? He did my flat roof a year or so ago and I have a bit more work for him. Thanks in advance
  4. The speech therapists will refer your little one for the hearing test. My little one has just had grommets fitted. It is roughly 1 1/2 since having two year review which prompted talking toddlers referal and therefore hearing test. They are a great team!
  5. Sheffield council provide and fit key locks, for a charge. It is the same office that organise city wide alarms, if you mum, or anyone's vulnerable family and friends, do not have a city wide alarm please look into getting one. They save lives! If a fit and health person falls they can easily get up of the floor, but if pan elderly/less able bodied person falls they cannot, particularly if they sustain an injury. https://www.sheffield.gov.uk/caresupport/adult/our-services/citywidealarm.html
  6. have you tried searching online for it?
  7. If you don't think such clocks are suitable for YOUR family/little ones then no one is for a second suggesting you go and start using one.
  8. We have a gro clock for the same reason As in OP. it works really well.
  9. I was going to recommend this blog too. It makes great reading :-)
  10. Primrose children's centre, s6. My little one had been going there for over a year and he loves it. The staff are lovely and the facilities are great.
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