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  1. Sue....the way my mother used it, I always thought it was a polite way of saying "stop runnin round like an idiot"
  2. Hiya......I lived and worked at lightwood in the 70's it was known as Lightwood house, it housed mentally and physically handicapped people, it was opened in approx 1974/75 previously it had been the old RAF Aradrome Lightwood Norton, the RAF houses had been done up and became housing for the staff, I was told while I was there that the staff housing used to be in Derbyshire and the hospital in Sheffield which was only across the carpark, hope this may be of help to someone.
  3. Hi annalouise, I live in OZ, but I had a cousin, who was a good looking bit of stuff he lived in Jermyn Cres.....was his name David
  4. Hiya, Does anyone, remember the "Bolt from the Blue" that was the headlines in the Star, while my dad was working at FB a bolt fell x-amount of feet, from the roof, it hit him (Albert Hall) on the forhead, he ended up with stitches...and made headlines in the Star,.......Kathy Hall
  5. Hello, I don't know if any of you or your relatives remember my dad, Albert Hall, he worked at Firths,I'm not sure how long exactly, but I think it was about 30 years, he left in 1968, when we came to Australia, I think the last department he worked in was the Electric Furnace...I would love to hear from anyone who remembers him,.......Kathy Hall
  6. Hi Tracy I agree, it would be great to find out what everyone is up too now, and how they've changed, they were actually the Pond Street Mob...LOL...(not gang) I too remember killer and eskimo....maybe we could arrange a reunion....LOL...I'd like to see some photo's if your dad has any, I remember once taking my little brother(he was 3yrs at the time) up town, as we called it, when he got home he told my mom and dad, Kath was talking to boys, my dad said what boys.... with a thunderous look on his face, he said "liver, lips and plugs", my dad. (thank god) thought he was talking aload of rubbish....I mean who would have names like that...little did he know!!...I lived on Southey Green, and I do remember some of them babysitting with us, one night, but I can't remember who???.....email me direct if you want Tracy..kahall2@bigpond.com .....Kathy
  7. Hi Pietro I think we must have been on the same trip to Liverpool, sounds like it. if you find any pics I would love to see them, email me at kahall2@bigpond.com I remember it as if it was only yesterday, what a wonderful time we all had, even though we didn't get to see the Caven...Love Kathy
  8. Hi Tracy I do remember your dad,(Step) not a bad bit of stuff, if I remember correctly....Kathy
  9. Hi Tracy I do remember your dad,(Step) not a bad bit of stuff, if I remember correctly....Kathy
  10. Hi Tracy, I left Sheffield for Australia in 1968, when I was 15, I do remember the Pond Street Gang, my friend and I spent a lot of hours in Pond St, on the sneek ofcourse, our parents would never have approved, I remember Bones and Elvo, ask your dad if he remembers Lips, Plugs, Liver, and Jeff Wragg....they were really a good bunch of guys,.... my god how time flies,
  11. Well Pietro, I left Southey Green in September 1968, to do my time in Australia, as far as I rememember your right, Mr Lupton was the headmaster, I remember Mr Webster very well, he was deputy head, I had Mr Headley for maths, Yuk!! I remember the day trip to Liverpool and Manchester, AHHH...the good old days
  12. I bin here in oz 32yrs me mam still calls em bread cakes & we all still thee & thou, its wonderful when we all get together, ya no bacin towdays wen we wer poor, most aussies would'nt know what we were talking about. :
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