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  1. They both have their place but in my experience slimming world is more sustainable long term and the new ish Extra Easy plan is fantastic for everyone - like one of the other people says you can serve the whole family the same food there is no weighing and measuring so its fantasically easy.
  2. Theres a new Zumba Class opened in St Catherine of Sienna Church, Richmond on a Monday night at 8pm. Loads of my Slimming World Members attend and love it!
  3. Hi Everyone, I'm a Slimming World Consultant with 2 groups - Richmond Group meets every Wednesday at 7:30 at St Catherine of Sienna, its on the corner of Richmond Road and Hastillar Road South. Darnall Group meets every Thursday at 6pm, Church of Christ in Darnall (this is moving venuesand time to the Horticulture Club from the 21st July at 7:00pm) Slimming World is perfect for the whole family and doesnt cost a fortune! In fact with all the members of the group looking out and sharing special offers they have seen you may find yourself saving money!
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