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  1. Quote: Originally Posted by Brooker11 View Post Quantity over quality. You really don't have a clue about putting bands on do you? _______ Does your wife know what your up to mel when your in your own little world? I would rather have 70 bands. .. Various music than one quality band. Rolling Stones or 70 bands? . . .give the new guys a chance. You may like them
  2. I loved trying the clothes on there. I would try them on for a hour and buy bundles. I loved the shop, but I did get strange looks when I asked for 34" jeans. And when I asked for the men's toilet
  3. This may have been mentioned so apologises, but since Leon Clarke signed his extension on his contract, he's been terrible- he's stopped chasing down players etc. And call it sour grapes but the Ref should have halted the game prior the 70th minute due to the hull fan(s) cheating with the fake referee whisle . No need for that In The game
  4. Taxman, surely the bar-person or manager should have offered you a "free" half or taster, some people don't understand how to keep good customer happy!
  5. He must be crackers. . . . Or suffering from sun stroke
  6. Great show, quality . . . .i bet Rashford is gutted that he is playing with the prima donnas
  7. Can you up load a picture ? section view? sizes for instance 20mm x 10mm. with a round. Hardwood or Softwood?
  8. https://www.google.co.uk/maps/place/Holiday+Inn+Rotherham-Sheffield+M1,Jct.33,+West+Bawtry+Road,+Rotherham+S60+2XL/@53.4060961,-1.3528656,13z/data=!4m2!3m1!1s0x4879764094b03aab:0x82593116ae0ef809?hl=en-gb Holiday inn, catcliffe junction 33- not exactly Sheffield but close. Excellent tutors , my son has come on leaps and bounds
  9. Good Luck to Kell this week, only 5 days a week - this should be a quality fight! Kell never dodges any boxers let's give him the support he deserves. True "Rocky" from the streets of S5 to champion of the world. Biggest crowd of the season at the lane! (Just a shame 1000 will be missing due to being Sheffield Wednesday fans, and not wanting to step foot in the place- cheap poor excuse)
  10. We are all Sheffield aren't we, why do we argue all the time who's the best. . . .we all know there have only ever been two of the greatest clubs to come out of the mighty Sheffield that's UNITED AND ROXYS, and that's been shut for the past 20years.
  11. Yeh, Rogets probably true. Just trying to support the England lads- show a positive attitude. Looks like some people on this forum have a negative, half empty glass attitude. . . Must be owls supporters.
  12. Good luck to the 3 local lads playing tonight! Over a quarter of the team . . . .could be classed as a third if Stones had been starting. Sheffield the northern power house!
  13. Just wondering the "Owls" allocation for their recent new year day match up in Newcastle. Haw many did the magpies allocate to owls fans? ---------- Post added 19-03-2017 at 06:33 ---------- http://www.thestar.co.uk/news/newcastle-united-fans-hit-out-as-embarrassing-ticket-allocation-for-sheffield-wednesday-clash-1-8446003
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