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  1. My knees are playing up lately, would this be a cause for concern for this type of activity? I am interested, just dont want a kneecap popping out!
  2. I love ideas like this, but I also fear I am too young for these events! My age group are in Viper Rooms and Vodka Revolution on Friday and Saturday nights. The only thing is they are to be too drunk or the music to be too loud to speak to anyone during these events!
  3. Haha this thread went off topic quickly! I do like the comment about being bored because you are not doing the right things. But another thing to know is boredom comes from alone time. I do plenty of things I enjoy, but sometimes I do get bored when these things would be much more fun with someone else to do them with. I also like romance and I am a man.
  4. I could be interested in this! I'm getting bored of not knowing people of like-mind in this city. Let me know if this ever goes ahead, contact me at andrewdroplet@yahoo.co.uk
  5. Anyone know, other than student-only, where the art societies are in sheffield? Thanks, Andy
  6. i did a cold calling job once, it was for a week. Worst working week I ever had...really.....
  7. Hey all, I have been living in sheffield for around 3 months now and still struggle to find anyone with similar interests to hang out with. I tend to still go to Barnsley to meet friends. I am wondering if there are any regular meet ups or anything for the interests below: Concept Art Illustration Photography Portrait and Landscape painting Lifedrawing Videogames Cinema I amalso interested in going out, but not alone haha So if anyone is easygoing and not too worried about meeting new people I am for a meet up. Maybe a general meeting at a bar or cafe just to understand each other and what kind of interests we can go with. PM me if interested. I am 24yo male with a degree in Art and Design. Originally from Barnsley. Cheers
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