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  1. Thank you for your responses and suggestions. I did indeed get a copy of that death certificate and it was Pete Sykes and he died 9 years ago. he's my father, so was a shock to see his end on a piece of paper - after dissapearing for so long (1992).
  2. Hi - Pete (George) Sykes posted frequently on Sheffield forums (as 'eros' or 'wallytof') but he stopped in 2012. He may have died in June 2012? If so he may have travelled back from the Netherlands to the UK to Barnsley in his last months or was expatriated by the dutch. He had no family (that he was in contact with) and no friends as such, its possible he ended up with a paupers funeral in Barnsley with no obituary or anything. Born in 1935 in Sheffield and later joined the RAF and then a mechanic. His parents were George and Flo. He married several times and his last partner died before him (possibly around 2005) - I believe its at that point he then moved to Holland on his own in some campsite. Longshot but worth an ask.
  3. Did you know that bizarrely Latin is spoken as the legal language in Finland. Most of their government websites are entirely in Latin. This is even though the actual romans never got that far north.
  4. She's a car-crash but that makes her a genuine article, her lyrics and whole style really do represent her and strikes a cord in most of us in some way or other. When she sings 'she doesn't want to go re-hab' I believe her. Back to Black is a great album but I wouldn't risk seeing her live.
  5. water isn't water - it's a fluid from the earth's core. What drivel.
  6. I've been kissed by a rose ...been kissed by a rose on the gray.
  7. it's not lone star but some naff film that i also cannot remember the name of.
  8. yeah old chunky gibbons, he says he remembers you.
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