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  1. Whatever mate, you be brave if you want. Its **** ya pants scarey there when its dark.
  2. Tell the race for life people. I dont think they know.
  3. Seems pretty accurate to me. I dont see why your getting into a lather about it.
  4. Peolpe do, for attention, laughs or other sick reasons. Thats why i asked.
  5. If thats a full service then it seems reasonable. What car isit?
  6. Its called possitive discrimination and is allowed nay activliy encouraged these days
  7. You pussy! Actualy i know what you mean. The only way youd get me there when its dark would be with a gun to the head.
  8. I need some advice. I know a man who has two lovely dogs. They are about 4 years old but look much much older and he hits them a lot. He was at it again last night and it went something like this. Dogs "Yap yap yap" Him THUMP!!!! Dogs "howel, howel, screech, howel, yelp" Him "Shut the eff up" Him again Thump Thump Thump This went on for about 30 minutes and ive reported him to the rspca but they wont act unless i see him hit them and that wont happen because he has a very high fence and does most of his dog beating indoors. What can i do?
  9. Seriously? Have you ever tasted a maccy D? Mate, they are awful. I was once so hammered i could barely walk and decided to have a burger. I was THAT ****** yet still couldnt eat the thing. Vile:gag::gag:
  10. Ill take it off your hands. Our local yoof club do cooking classes for the local kids. Im sure a few bits and pieces would help them a lot.
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