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  1. C I thought it was you when you came on the leadmill road thread. Many water pass under bridge, have talked to Deakin boys on forum. Had many good hols in Paphos but use Zante n Goa now. Sheffield change too fast for us old uns, I'm employed as NHS transport manager and still lose ambulances, bring back cobbled roads they slowed you down. right back to work, nice to hear and hope you and yours are well Regards HW
  2. C Remember them all, Pat lived in the terrace and his dad was a magician. Methinks remember climbing down your drainpipe Regards Old leadmolion
  3. Good afternoon Anyone explain the lengthy and detailed survey being carried out around and on the Tinsley roundabout. If the young lady carrying out the survey takes much longer we will have to invite her to our works xmas outing. Over to planner1?
  4. Hi All Just digging into history and memories of Granville Street, rear of Midland Station. Friend of mine, without access to pc, seems to remember formative years spent on this street. All contributions gratefully recieved Regards
  5. Do you need a licence to watch ANY television stations on your laptop / desktop(wireless or hardwired) ? Opinions / knowledge please
  6. Colley76 Same time as me, bit of a blur lifewise, short trousers, caps, bus119 from town. Do believe in early days travelled on tram to Meadowhead (memory). Best wishes to all still surviving and all the best for our forthcoming retirements
  7. Apologies, I assume this question has been answered previously but cannot trace any info. Has there ever been a public house on the triangle of land twixt Spital Hill/Carlisle St/Spital St, adjacent to the East House. Any info gratefully recieved, as usual beer rests on the outcome. Thanks in anticipation
  8. Does the team think 'some of the staff featured on Toatal Emergency, fail to show themselves in a professional manner?' i.e. the policeperson grabbing the T-shirt, the condescending language used by some medical staff and yet again police chases with overdone enthusiasm. Comments please
  9. As part of an overall 'green' policy Sheffield Health & Social Care Trust collect waste cardboard from their various sites around Sheffield, it is taken to a central site where it is baled and then taken to a commercial site for re-cycling. Unfortunately due to the 'credit crunch' this operation does not generate large income, however it saves on hiring waste skips and the cost of having the skips emptied. The Trust also has an energy saving policy and a 'green' transport policy. Hope this shows the NHS, or at least SHSC, is doing it's bit
  10. Any help in sourcing the phrase 'can I have a sub' in respect of an advance on wages. Quite morning in office reuire ammunition for heated debate. Thanks in anticipation.
  11. Sad to report death of female in incident involving police vehicle driving under blues , Salford , Manchester. R.I.P.
  12. Would any of you care to explain to the relatives of innocent road users killed/maimed due to low standards of emergency vehicle driving the importance of catching mobile phone users or seeing how many medical emergency vehicles on one call at the same time.
  13. How can South Yorks. police defend their actions in chasing a car at high speeds through a residential area (Sheff Star 17/6/2008). Yes the driver concerned was totally irresponsible, idiotic and a danger to society but for the police to exacerbate the situation by starting a high speed chase is surely as bad as the drivers actions. On Monday evening, on our journey home, A patrol car decide to switch on his blue lights and run a definite red light causing three lanes of traffic to brake and swerve, this was to apprehend someone using a mobile phone. As a advanced driving assessor I am becoming increasingly worried about the attitude portayed by many, not just police, driving under blues and twos. Any comments by other road users.
  14. May I point out that the wii is not for fun. It is an integral part of my sports orientated fitness regime, along with J Smiths smooth and curry. I will soon be down to sixteen stone with all the difficult tennis matches ( mi level 1350). Enjoy the machine, live for the next game.
  15. Work-related Stress Discuss Does it really exist? Do people take advantage? Does it just overload fellow employees?
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