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  1. its pigeon shooting and it should be finished soon:)
  2. the cycleman

    Which is the best sport in your opinion?

    clay pigeon shooting
  3. the cycleman

    Whos fished graves park

    iv fished it a few times last year and cought loads of perch and a couple of roach ( one was going on for 2 pounds:o) but as for the carp mate they have been in there for years so i think they are a bit wise to it, i did try one day tho with bread crust but only managed to catch a duck:(
  4. the cycleman

    Lost jacket at norton/reward given

    thanks but iv looked everywhere and drove and walked up and down about 10 times but no look, someone must of picked it up
  5. hi have lost a dark green zip up jacket on harveyclough road at norton s8 at 10.00 am today if anyone has seen it or picked it up please get in touch as there is a reward for the jacket and its contents
  6. the cycleman

    Field/land to rent in sheffield

    i do have a 25 acer plot of land at the moment that i use so we could sort something out if your interested
  7. the cycleman

    Field/land to rent in sheffield

    i whent to sycamore shooting ground last week and i wont be going again, pm me mate and i will tell u of a few GREAT places mate
  8. the cycleman

    Field/land to rent in sheffield

    so u speak for everyone do u:hihi::hihi:, thats why im looking for a field in the midle of no where:loopy:
  9. the cycleman

    Field/land to rent in sheffield

    i would mate but i only have shot guns and if i was to take a shot at one with that i dont think it would be just the squirrel i would be removing i think it would remove half the tree, fence and all your plants also:hihi:
  10. hi does anyone know of any fields/land to rent in sheffield for setting up a clay pigeon shoot once a week
  11. the cycleman

    Help needing taxi to cleethopes

    good look getting one for that price, think u will be looking more than double that as iv done it in the past and we paid about 260-270 cos dont forget the driver will have to go and come back and go and come back again
  12. hi does anyone know where i can rent a field in sheffield
  13. the cycleman

    Wortley country show??

    hi does anyone know where abouts in wortley the show will be? and does anyone know what will be there please
  14. the cycleman

    Rought shoot air rifle culb in sheffield

    Hi sorry mate but unfortunately the club won't be going ahead anymore due to the land going up for sale
  15. the cycleman

    Rought shoot air rifle culb in sheffield

    just to let people know who are actualy interested in the club that spaces are running out fast due to the amount of people who have contacted me

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