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  1. Me too he is a lovely dog Fawn brown, looks like a stocky bullmastiff and sure someone will have the handsome fello.
  2. Reason for Rehome / Sale - My friend is moving in with his partner who has a dog and he has 3 so they can't keep all four as there is no room, so rehoming one. Time Scale – How Urgent? Very Urgent Sale Amount:- Free to a good home only Has the Dog been in Rescue - No owned from a puppy Location :- S5 Sheffield Age & Sex : 3 years old - Male Breed/ Mix :- Bullmastiff x American Bull Dog Approximate size :- Large Stocky Breed Exercise Needed: Short Fequent walks are more suitable for breed. Not Neutered, has been Vaccinated & Wormed Live's Outside - may be train to be inside dog Live With Dog but not cats Any Current or Historical Health or Psychological Issues:- no Temperament- Very Playful but need a firm owner. Not been brought up with small children Ok With Men and women OK with Dogs, Travels OK in Car Left happily alone in the yard Destructive Behaviour : no Barks :- if someone goes on back Pull on the lead:- no but is a strong dog Crate:- to big for a crate Good guard dog beuatiful strong looking dog Please PM if interested, owner will only rehome with a suitable owner (with room for a big dog and a mature person - if anyone can also reccomend a rehoming centre as if he doe's not sell they have no options to hand him to a dog rehoming service.
  3. I am looking at doing an online course and I am unsure of who to use. I have looked at ICS and the price is good but im unsure if it is classed as a real qulification. Im going to start my own buisness but before I can start I need to do this course. Any suggesion's on who to use? Thank you
  4. Reason for Rehome / Sale - My Financial Situation has suddenly changed and my care responsabilties have increased for a member of my family so i can not give the puppy the attention and training he needs. Time Scale – How Urgent? - Soon as Possible. Sale Amount- £150 but must go to good home that can give him lots of love and long walks. etc Has the Dog been in Rescue- No Location- Sheffield Age & Sex- 14 wks and male. Breed/ Mix- Dalmation KC Registered- No. Approximate size- 1ft and a half Exercise Needed- Lots. Neutered & Micro chipped- No. Vaccinated & Wormed- Wormed but not vaccinated Live in / out Both Ever lived with other cats/dogs/other animals With my older dog. Any Current or Historical Health or Psychological Issues, he is very posesive with food with other dog Temperament Good or Bad with Children, Good with children, very playful. Dislike of Men or Women no. Travel OK in Car - Only Been in car once seemed scared but ok. Left happily alone in the House for How Long at a time Yes, but i normally with other dog. Destructive Behaviour- No. Barks. Yes playful Pull on the lead- Not been on lead as not had needles. Crate trained- Never Tried Housetrained- yes General Information you can share about the Dog. Very playful pup, like i said just needs love and attention, due to change in circumstance's i can't offer puppy attention he needs. Pm me if interested or need more information.
  5. I 'm digging out a raised section of my back garden to put fencing up and I do not know what to do with the soil, unfortunatly the garden is small so i couldn't move it else where. I considered a skip but my partner say's it would take at least three skips full and we are looking for a cheap solution. Any suggestions really helpful, cheap rubbish removal maybe? or well any help
  6. I had the photos on my phone, so I was going to clean my computer so I put them in the bin. my phone died yesterday I took the phone back to the shop and they did a straight swap. so i had lost my photos on there. my computer was running slow today so with out realising emptied the bin and deleted all 600 hundred of them. Can i pay anyone to retrive them! that down load find them but will only retrive 6 pictures? Please help so mad at my self
  7. i have deleted holiday photos from my rubbish bin and i am so worried i have lost them forever... please help
  8. Hello, I was wondering if there was a way to read books online? I will be starting a course in September and thought this would be cost and time effective. I don't know if this is even possible to do online hence me asking
  9. I'm looking for clay and modelling tools and also paper and card
  10. Is there a cheaper place in sheffield to by craft items. I have been buying things from hobby craft and its working out very expensive. Can anyone recomend any where else?
  11. Hi i've recently started clay making and I wondered if anyone can help me as books seem hard to come by. I started using a white clay but it keeps cracking, Can anyone advice me of what i can use that can be oven baked. The only good book i could find was an icing book for cake but this is purely for ideas, can anyone recomend any good books?
  12. Hi how do i get to this event and what is the postcode?
  13. Me and my puppy will be avalible next sunday at ten, Wheres the location?
  14. Only if you print it out on massive paper in a giant font
  15. Not happy with the nettles on my garden. I have chopped them back, tried digging them up and buying ground cover but they keep coming back . Can anyone recommend a good cheap product i can use that will be safe for other plants as i have a few plants that have survived amungst them
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