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  1. My marvelus aunty mary ( yes, she had a canary...) is downstairs at a boozy family do going on about 'the monkey rack', where a courting did occur...up past the cafe, along side that 'lake' in endcliffe park( appartently there were boats there too!!!). Is it one of those family things or has anyone else herd of it ??????????
  2. Shops Stores Open Today!!!!!!! Can anybody add to a list of these places that are open today 1.C.C.C 2 D.F.S
  3. By now, thanks to the forum, we all know people's opinions on the where to get the best sandwiches in town, but.... does anyone else find it odd that the servers of our sarnies do not remove their gloves to handle our money? It really rather bothers me! I mean what is the point of wearing gloves to make the sandwich if you're not going to tek em of to handle the cash, and then you go straight on to mekin the next sarnie? Are they just trying to protect their hands from the cucumber? I am right arent I? I mean it is pointless isnt it? Grrrgrrr rararah !!!
  4. When I was about seven I decided to test this un, and cunningly carved my initials in the carrot to be left out for Rudolf.... Do you think I found that marked carrot in the fridge the next day???? Hmmmm....not spoilin nuffin for nobody. We always had to leave milk out for the big red guy, as Mother was certain we'd drink it if it were whiskey! Probably ( once again! ) she was right!! Ho Ho Grrrrrrrr
  5. I once saw Billi Piper buying some writing paper - it were Basildon Bond mind!!!
  6. Well I like it! Quite amusing, especially the divorce / horse rhyme. :thumbsup:
  7. Oh it was just a thought I had - I'll get back t'graft.
  8. And so the tone lowers...and the logic is lacking EVERYTHING doubles - including all members pants! It might have just happend, and we just would not know...
  9. What if everything suddenly doubled in size - How would we know?
  10. Nooooooo It is not AMAZING, it is APALLING. :gag:
  11. called Tripping... I just cannot stand it.... Listening to it feels like torture. I can usually take or leave him, but this latest 'tune' really seriously vexes me - I'm actually stunned at how much. I work somewhere with a radio on, and when it comes on (about 20 times a flippin day!!) I have to turn it off quickly. Am I alone?
  12. I'll double that, and buy your Grandma too...
  13. Took my godson to a Pirate themed day set up by this lady at the Highfield library earlier this Summer. It was truly fantastic. M'laddy still 'ohwarrrs' joyously about it...
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