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  1. Hi I just wondered if anyone is looking to make friends like me I'm shy but once I get talking I'm okey ? xx
  2. family members ive lost touch with
  3. hi i'm looking for any members of the Brookfield family
  4. hi I'm wanting to make mummy friends and get out more where do I start
  5. I;m tonys daughter my brother is anthony
  6. hi I've set a group up on facebook called sheffield mums group good way to meet other mums etc feel free to join xx
  7. hi I don't have any other mummy friends so I'm looking to make some to go to play groups etc with I'm 29 and mummy to Stephen who's 3 in april and maizie who's 17 months I'm in s5 Southey but can travel x
  8. what times good for both of you?i don't mind x
  9. 6th is good for me to Hillsborough or town I can do either just to warn you i'm shy lol xx
  10. hi i'm free any day just not this week lol where in s5 are you xx
  11. thanks for replies ladies looking forward to hopefully meeting you soon my little boys 2 and little girls nearly 1 hate being stuck in all the time xx
  12. h I just wondered if any mums would be interested in setting up a mums/kids group I don't have any mummy friends so feel a bit lonely would be good for my little ones to have little friends too x
  13. i'm just looking for the one's i've lost touch with jayne brookfield sylvia brookfield alan brookfield etc
  14. hi no my dad's not around any more he died in 2004 from lung cancer yes his dad was colin
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