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  1. Guys, just to let you know that I have 2 different XPS machines from DELL, they all very, VERY noisy! FAN noise is ridiculous on these.
  2. Like your style of being a funny guy
  3. Took a Digital Camera and... here we go, LOL, got it.
  4. Evernote is one of the good ones, I think. You can use it to log your passwords, websites, etc.
  5. Simple mistake, you taking everything too "seriously". P.S. If you are offended by the above, then you are taking in things way too seriously.
  6. 1. Are you connecting via RJ45 (cable) or Wi-Fi ? 2. And what's your browser? is it FireFox, Internet Explorer or any other? If you answer these questions, I'll give you some instructions... Thanks.
  7. It sounds like script issue, I would visit that programs official web site and look ino FAQ section or just look for known issues... Just let them know that you have this problem and hopefully they would suggest you what's best for your case. As you say it's trying to load but gets stuck... I think it's trying to get connected to games server, and there is script issue, which stops it from being completed... Well these are my thoughts anyway, you can give it a try... Thanks..
  8. 1. What do you mean by that? How did you get rid of viruses? If you can't run your programs properly, that indicates that virus could still be there... 2. Application that you trying to run, is it ONLINE connection required application? What I'm trying to ask is, does your computer needs to be stay connected to be able to run that application? If so, I would re-install JAVA. Please check these and let us know.. Thanks.
  9. I wouldn't risk it for £20.. take it to professional data-recovery place, let them do the work if your data is important to you.. For £20 anyone could make your HDD useless, not recoverable. Thanks.
  10. You most welcome.. Sorry that couldn't be of any more help.
  11. I would go with Open Office with added add-ons to use some specific file types from MS Office... Check this out: "Open Office Extensions"
  12. Were you updating windows before it happened? Or have you installed something on it recently? When it gets to blank screen with mouse arrow, does your HDD led blinks? Is there lights flashing?
  13. What was updated or installed before it happened? What was the last action on that laptop? It could be currupt windows file preventing it from being starting up.. Could you be a bit more specific please, was it working just fine before it or was there some problems with viruses etc?.. Thanks...
  14. Well, as you say you're not technically minded person... makes it difficult to suggest anything technical... but don't be afraid and try installing W7 or XP as advised by other guys, if it works, you then should be able to get your files from "WINDOWS OLD" folder, which will be created within "C:/" drive. But I would take it to repair workshop if you are not confortable with it and you will be paying about £40-£60 for re-building your system I would guess, depending what system you will be offered.
  15. Hi Andy, this could be your CPU FAN making that noise, if FAN not spinning as how it should do, there is a heat sensor which locks up the system, if it detects overheating, kind a preventing itself from being burned. I would check the FAN to see if it's clean from dust, if not, clean it and apply thermal paste to CPU, could boost up machine really good. Let us know how it's going... thanks.
  16. You have one more option, when you start your PC, shut it down from mains, then start it and you should, hopefully, get to screen where it should say that computer had a problem and not been shut down properly, you would have an option to LAUNCH REPAIR or start your windows normally. Use LAUNCH REPAIR and let it fix the problem. If it doesn't work first time, try at least 3 times, it should get to the point, where it will offer you to RESTORE your system.. try and let us know it worked for you, thanks.
  17. When you connect it to you computer, does it make clicking sound at all?
  18. Hi curian, at the bottom of your laptop, there should be a sticker... on that sticker you should have your exact model number - product number, or whatever it says in there, just post it and I will try to get you the right drivers. Thanks.
  19. It sounds like motherboard issue, was there something spilled into machine that you know of? I you have tried different chargers, same problem, would be motherboard issue. My question would be, is it working at all? without charger, does it even try to start up? is it booting? Sparking means that there is a shortage somewhere, possibly DC port on a laptop but needs to be checked by qualified engineer..
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