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  1. Go to ebuyer.com and be friendly with them They'll have some good offers in stock if not, check Misco.co.uk they should have as well. Currys & PC World - too expensive. Samsung NB30 Intel Atom N450 / 10.1 / 1GB / 250GB / Windows 7 Starter / 3 Year Warranty / Netbook PC Features Intel Atom N450 / 1.66 GHz GHz Processor 1GB RAM / 250GB Hard Disk Drive Intel GMA 3150 Dynamic Video Memory Technology 4.0 Microsoft Windows 7 Starter for only £239.99 including VAT. is it bad?
  2. Glad it's now sorted, most of the time it's filter or a phone line issue. Enjoy your speedy internet now
  3. I'll do it for you if it's just the pin broken, I will PM you my address.
  4. I know many people using them in their domain names - no problem. e.g.: http://www.pizzacottage-takeaway.co.uk http://www.thecodfather-barnsley.co.uk Don't think you'll have problems with it..
  5. I can have a look for you, free of charge, if I can't fix it, you won't be charged and you'll be given a price BEFORE work commences, no-obligation... No fix/ No fee - for your peace of mind.. will send you PM.
  6. Sounds like a pretty good deal, why not.. Acer Aspire 5336 Laptop for £259 including VAT... Intel Celeron Dual Core T3500 2.1GHz 3GB RAM 320GB HDD 15.6" TFT,Webcam DVD Writer HDMI Windows 7 Home Premium 64bit
  7. Yeap, do that, your broadband provider will do some checks on your line and tell you if there are problems with your line. Sometimes it could be down to ADSL filter, phone line, devices connected to your phone line etc.. So they will at least give you a start point where to look... Keep us informed, thanks.
  8. It depends how far you are from your areas SKY exchange. Check with your neighbours if they have the same broadband and see if it's slow for them as well. But whatever it is, it shouldn't be slower than "dongle" speed and also you connecting RJ45 - cable connection must be fast. Something is wrong, did you talk to your broadband supplier?
  9. Reset your wireless router by pressing & holding the reset button at the back.. You can give it's make and model details for more directions on how to do it... Hope it helps..
  10. So it's not about getting your e-mail account back in control, it's about grammar and spelling ) isn't it? If they change their writing to perfect english, would that be ok then? lol Just kidding... anyways, If your friends getting email from you while you haven't sent them, it doesn't mean that it's been hacked, one of my customers had the same issue then she realised that her e-mail is signed-up for some kind of FaceBook Application and that application uses her email account to send silly e-mails to everyone in her contact list.. Check you social networks and make sure that your e-mail is not listed anywhere.. Hope this helps.. have fun
  11. You should clear them if you think your machine is getting a bit slow, otherwise not to worry. TEMP - folder keeps images of your applications, web sites that you've visited just to make it easier next time you visit the same web site, it wouldn't think for minutes to bring everything together and just use same pictures or same background images or other site related stuff to make it fast. Depending on your browser, once in a month, just delete all that and you should be fine.
  12. You can change your PROXY settings and use Proxy Web Server IP addresses from country that you want that email to be assigned and just register, that's all.
  13. You welcome suenjill, it was a pleasure for me. Hope all goes well.
  14. It could be a bad connection on your touch bad - ribbon cable issue but first you have to un-install the Mouse Keyboard driver and re-install them to check, then you second option would be checking the actual connection but you have to remove the keyboard from the laptop and depending on your laptop make / model, also you might need to remove the top cover of it as well which I would use specialist to do that as you can easly brake it.
  15. I've done it already It was a corrupted system + malware infected whole thing. Used Ubuntu to make a safe back-up and then Took it back to factory settings...all done now, Suenjill will have it back today. Let see what they say...
  16. If that's the case, you have 2 options... Start your computer with a Windows Boot CD - supplied with your computer, if you have one Format and Re-Build your operating system from scratch
  17. Hi, could you give us a bit more information, when does this black screen happens? When you start the laptop or in the middle of the process? What is your O/S? (W7 - XP - Vista..ect) Did you get any error messages at all? Have you tried system recovery/restore? You can start your laptop and keep pressing F8 - which should give you options, start your laptop with SAFE MODE and once you see your desktop, go to START button, RUN, type: MSCONFIG and press ENTER, you should see small window with some tabs, go to START-UP menu and click to DISABLE ALL , APPLY and RESTART your laptop... Let us know how you getting on...
  18. If you have installed any devices to motherboard using PCI slot or AGP slot, remove them as well as these installed devices could cause problems. Stop errors are usually hardware (99%) or driver related, causing the computer to stop responding in order to prevent damage to the hardware. A Stop error can also be caused by a critical boot loader error, where the operating system is unable to start from the bootable drive due to the presence of an incorrect disk driver, a damaged file system, or a similar problem. If you have, use your Windows BOOT CD and try to re-build your Operating System. See how it works..
  19. LOL - which goes to the remaining 1%
  20. Blue screen - 99% HDD failure.. Any clicking noise from your computer when it's trying to boot? Does't it start and then bluescreens or straight away when you press the power button?
  21. How many RAMs you have installed? What's the capacity? Do you know the model of your motherboard? If you have more than 1 RAM installed, remove one at a time and test your computer. It's more likely to be RAM that's failing, not the slot on the motherboard.
  22. From THREE (3), Wi-Fi broadband dongle – dubbed the ‘MiFi’ – can connect multiple devices to the mobile internet over the airwaves, essentially giving you your own portable Wi-Fi hotspot. Like other mobile broadband services you can use MiFi on the go - plus unlike normal dongles you can use the MiFi to connect iPhones and iPod Touches to the internet too. Installed for customer last week, works perfectly well with his Sony VAIO laptop.
  23. Wouldn't it be wise to ask the OP, if this problem started happening after dropping the laptop?.. If answer is YES - then it's most probably Fan + Heatsink issue. If not, having too much programs on start-up, can freeze or cause some applications stop responding, but switching off after 20 minutes... come on
  24. Of course if you can see all these options, means your screen works LOL
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