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  1. Hi, you're welcome to bring it in. I will thoroughly check it for you. Thanks, Gosh.
  2. Highly likely that internal storage device is playing up or dead. (HDD / SSD). Please get in touch if you'd like to bring it in for full diagnostics. CONTACT PAGE
  3. Many thanks Alan! - that's very kind of you. Morning Andy, please PM me your full address details and also let me know what the issue is on that message, I'll see what could be done. Many thanks in advance. p.s. You're welcome to text me on my mobile: 0788 522 7813 or email me as well.
  4. Καλημέρα my friend, you're welcome to pop in with it so I can check and see what's causing the issue, there might be a failed update which keeps trying to rectify itself or similar. Get in touch please if you'd like to come this way so I can see what's going on.
  5. Good morning Andy, where do you connect it to? - TV or PC Monitor? - Trying to identify the port you'll need to connect it to, is it HDMI / DVI or VGA?
  6. I can stop by tomorrow (Monday) evening time, say around 7pm, will check it at your place and if it needs a new wireless card, I'll have that on me and will replace it for you there and then , let me know if you'd like me to pop in Connor, thanks. Gosh.
  7. I'm on 350Mbps VOOM “Fibre” Broadband Service at my office and home as well, on each we only get 50-60 on wired, 20-30 on 2.4gHz & 150-160 on 5gHz... Their engineers and technicians been quite a few times and couldn't figure out why it's happening, they all basically blamed the HITRON routers and no solution yet...
  8. Please pop in with it and I'll take a look at it for you, might be a simple thing to sort out, which I won't charge for it. You can get my details from the signature. Hope I can help
  9. Uninstall Audio drivers from Device Manager and restart your laptop, it should automatically re-install them and if you're still having the same issue, then it might need checking further into hardware side of the things...
  10. On my iPhone 6s, pressing and holding down on a mobile number gives you a drop down menu and when chosen MESSAGE it used to open a message windows where you could text, it doesn't do that anymore, just goes to general messages window and stays there, you have to try 5-6 times before it opens up the message window so you can type and send... Apple made a big mess of it this time.
  11. Geniune consumables should always be purchased from manufacturer themselves. Anywhere else, very good chance that you'll be given a replica.
  12. I have already got intouch and replied You're welcome to bring it over and I will book it in for the service. Alan, many thanks for the recommendation by the way, very nice of you.
  13. Disconnect the power to your PC, wait for 5 minutes, then take the side cover off and remove the CMOS battery (round watch battery), while it's removed, press and hold the power button for 30 seconds, then put the round battery back to its place and plug in the power lead, see if that triggers it to start? - if not, then there must be something wrong with the component (hardware issue) - must be checked by professional. Hope it helps...
  14. You already know it's embedded I think, according to your first post, eMMC stands for "embedded" Multi-Media Controller... basically it's part of the motherboard.
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